Aardvark Drilling Inc.

Model CME-75 - Track Mounted


This 22 tonne monster mounted on a Nodwell 110 is appropriately nicknamed the “Canyonero”. This rig features wireline, an auto hammer, a 250 gallon watertank, and rotary and auger drilling capabilities.

Drill Type: Track Mounted CME-75
Carrier Vehicle: Nodwell 110 (tracked carrier)
Width: 9ft.
Height (tower up): 34ft.
Length: 34ft.
Max. Hole Diameter: 16inches (41cm)
Water Tank: 250 gallon
Drill Engine: 6 cyl. Deutz Deisel

Drill Type: CME 75 High Torque Diesel
Carrier Vehicle: Rubber Track Marooka 1500 VD
Track Width: 27.5 inches
Width: 8.5ft.
Height (tower up): 28ft.
Length: 26ft.
Max. Hole Diameter: 16inches (41cm)
Water Tank: 300 gallon
Drill Engine: 4 cyl. Turbo Diesel Cummins
Carrier Engine: 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Mitsubishis

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