Aberdeen Group, Inc.

Aberdeen Group, Inc.

Aberdeen Group conducts research focused on helping business leaders across seventeen different B2B technology disciplines improve their performance.We provide a range of content marketing services and solutions for technology solution providers.Our process is simple - we conduct thousands of surveys every year to identify top performing organizations and uncover what makes them different. We share these insights back with the market in the form of in-depth research reports and content assets to help our readers build business plans capable of driving better results with the right set of tools to help them get there.

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451 D Street, Suite 710 , Boston , Massachusetts 02210 USA

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Service provider
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Nationally (across the country)
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Our Methodology
Aberdeen conducts primary research studies from a pool of over 500,000 panel participants. The results of each research survey are indexed and tabulated using a proprietary analytical framework which provides a solid basis for deriving fact-based analysis and findings. Aberdeen's research provides specific insight by industry sector, company size, and geography, as well as by job role, business process and technology.

Our Promise of Integrity
The Aberdeen Promise of Integrity is the bedrock from which Aberdeen's research is developed. Each primary study looks at the pressures businesses face, the actions they take to meet the challenges, the capabilities they possess, and the enablers they use to get ahead of the competition and meet the demands of the market. Aberdeen's research and analysis are conducted independently of outside influence with the findings based in a quantitative context through the interpretive view of trained analysts. These analysts are held to the highest standards and are bound to our Promise of Integrity. The Company's success is evidenced by our results.