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Able Electropolishing

Able Electropolishing

Able Electropolishing is the world`s largest electropolishing specialist. We`ve perfected the electropolishing of hundreds of alloys including 300 and 400 series stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper and titanium to name a few. Though our technology plays a vital role in serving customers, the traditions of service and attention to quality are what make Able Electropolishing a unique company. A pioneer in electropolishing and metal improvement technologies including passivation, contract cleaning and titanium anodizing. We use the latest technology to offer the most sophisticated process control system while providing our customers with unparalleled and unmatched quality.

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2001 S. Kilbourn Avenue , Chicago , Illinois 60623 USA
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Metal - Metal Finishing
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Globally (various continents)

Since 1954

Production and engineering breakthroughs achieved during WWII led to new and exciting metal finishing technologies as industry shifted from the war economy. Our founder, Zen Pokvitis, was on the leading edge of those developments, and focused his chemical background on production applications for electropolishing. That experience in chemical formulation and equipment design led to the founding of Able Electropolishing in 1954, focusing on the needs of metalworking companies nationally.

The Next Generation of Able Innovation, Service and Expertise

Today, Able Electropolishing is the world’s largest electropolishing specialist, employing over 150 people on three shifts. The company operates a state of the art facility in Chicago, IL. Literally thousands of companies worldwide rely on Able technology for metal parts, with nearly every industry utilizing the techniques developed and later refined by our founder.

Though our technology plays a vital role in serving customers, the traditions of service and attention to quality are what make Able Electropolishing a unique company. We have long recognized that metal finishing is the “last step” for many companies designing and producing metal parts. Our entire company is tuned to the concept of doing the job right the first time. We are often the lifeline for companies faced with assembly line shutdowns due to parts that are late or malfunctioning. Being part of the solution and meeting tough deadlines has kept Able as the preferred vendor for so many companies.

Your International Electropolishing Partner

Unlike most metal finishers, we have taken a global view of our business. By doing the job right the first time, we have been a vital link for companies in France, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Able Electropolishing is equipped and experienced to handle multi-national design and production teams, providing unique drop-shipping, packaging and inspection services to keep production flowing world-wide.

A Secure and Safe Supplier

Many companies have used Able Electropolishing to process critical design and prototype products. We have long regarded our process techniques and our customer’s products as proprietary, and fully protect those technologies. Your parts are secure with Able.

Satisfied Customers

What does all of this experience and focus mean to our customers? Satisfaction. Reliability. Results. Our wall of fame depicts just some of the 100% vendor evaluations, letters of commendation and awards we have garnered over the years. More importantly, it offers proof of our ability to carry forward the important traditions begun in 1954 into the future.

Able Electropolishing Validation Process

As part of being an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, and supplier to medical device and aerospace customers across the country, Able Electropolishing has completed the validation of its electropolishing process in accordance with “Quality Management Systems – Process Validation Guidance” authored by SG3 and endorsed by The Global Harmonization Task Force. Able chose this document as a foundation for its process validation because of the representation of individuals in medical device regulatory agencies.

The guidance obtained from this document was used to assist Able in continuing to improve our quality management systems and to address the requirements of our manufacturing customers in all industries, but specifically in the medical device industry, which we consider to have the tightest controls and regulations surrounding process validation.

While our medical device customers will require their electropolishing vendors to perform process validation, our diligence in addressing this should benefit our customers in all industries, as the steps taken have helped to ensure that while operating within our specified parameters, we have demonstrated that our process will consistently yield product that will meet our customers’ criteria.

Able has completed its validation protocol and performed the validation for its electropolishing process including:

  1. Installation Qualification
  2. Operational Qualification
  3. Performance Qualification

Able Electropolishing began the process by first outlining our process in a detailed flow chart, which helped define a FEMA. The potential failure modes outlined in the FEMA provided a basis to design a validation protocol that would encompass the 3 aspects of the process validation.

All process equipment was tested in accordance with operation manuals, and our preventative maintenance scheduled was integrated into our ISO quality system to ensure that critical process equipment remains calibrated.

Able then identified the process variables that determine electropolishing outcomes, and defined operating ranges, and verified that all coupons processed within these ranges were indeed within appropriate criteria (dimensionally, aesthetically and for passivity).
Upon verification of this data, Able re-ran these tests, obtaining SPC data that showed statistically the consistency of our process over an extended period of time.

Able Electropolishing continues to improve its quality management systems, and considers our recent efforts to perform process validation in a manner consistent with ISO:13485 to be an advantage to our customers who are looking to provide world-class metal components to their end customers.