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  • Chipping

  • Acrowood - Whole Log Chipper

    Acrowood - Whole Log Chipper

    The heavy-duty design of the Whole Log C dippers produce high quality, uniform chips, 's research into how chip length, chipper geometry, speed, species, and spout opening combine to affect chip quality has resulted in chippers that produce 90% acceptable chips with few pins, fines, or overthick chips.

  • Acrowood - Slant Disc Chipper

    Acrowood - Slant Disc Chipper

    Uniform chips from waste wood or whole logs are produced in the Acrowood Slant Disc Chipper. These machines have been in operation for decades and are proven to save mills money by requiring little maintenance while producing high-quality fiber with minimal pins and fines.

  • Acrowood - Veneer Chipper and Feedworks

    Acrowood - Veneer Chipper and Feedworks

    The Acrowood Veneer Chipper-Long and High Capacity Feedworks transforms waste veneer into high-quality chips that can be sold or used for multiple purposes. Dramatically increase your yield of usable fiber in converting waste veneer to chips by using an Acrowood VCL and HC Feedworks, tested and proven for over 40 years.

  • Wood Chip Screens

    Acrowood provides the highest quality chip screens for mills around the globe Acrowood screens are specifically engineered for solving woodyard challenges and maximizing the highest yields of usable chips for your application.

  • Acrowood Trillium - Model OSB - Strand Screen

    Acrowood Trillium - Model OSB - Strand Screen

    The challenge of efficiently screening limp, wet, fines-rich green strands has been met with Acrowood's patented TrilliumTM Screen. The Trillium is superior at screening dry or green OSB strands, reducing downstream processing costs. On green strands, the Trillium screen can save capacity and energy in the drier. As much as 15% of fresh strands are fines. On dry strands, the Trillium offers supreme fines removal with great strand retention. Pair with...

  • Acrowood - Raised Roll Disc Thickness Screen

    Acrowood - Raised Roll Disc Thickness Screen

    To meet the performance challenge of rejecting overthick chips without also rejecting acceptable chips, Acrowood developed the Raised Roll Disc Thickness Screen. This configuration provides effective chip mat agitation, achieving both high overthick removal and low accepts carry-over.

  • Distribution & Separation Equipment

  • Acrowood - Air Density Separator

    Acrowood - Air Density Separator

    Get superior contaminant removal with reduced loss of acceptable fiber. Small contaminants are efficiently removed, including, including non-ferrous metals, plastics, and other contaminants, by using the Acrowood Air Density Separator (ADS).

  • Acrowood - Star Feeder

    Acrowood - Star Feeder

    The Star Feeder effectively meters the flow of materials to your screens and downstream processing equipment. The variable speed drive controller allows the Star Feeder to discharge at any desired rate. The hopper can be custom designed to best suit application type.

  • Acrowood - Screw Distributor

    Acrowood - Screw Distributor

    The Screw Distributor provides a highly efficient solution for metering the flow of materials to chip and sawdust screens. The Screw Distributor is a popular component from Acrowood's line of distribution and separation machinery or mills looking to optimize material flow.