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Active Walls

Active Walls is a company whose values are technology and research. The company focuses its line of action in the RD&I of environmental technologies for its later ommercialization, bringing closer to the public the technologies that so far only industries and public entities had had access to. Our product line achieves air decontamination in urban settings, homes, apartments, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, gyms and shops, reducing pollution, odours, bacteria and dirt. Our goal is the health of our customers, and thus we work to reduce pollution on roads, tunnels and streets. We create innovative products that improve the lives of people, protecting their health and lowering costs. We also improve the environment. We have several distributors around the world.

Company details

Daoíz i Velarde 20-26 L-1 , Sant Feliu de Llobregat , Barcelona 08980 Spain
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Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

With over 12 years of experience, we have created an exclusive knowhow, which has allowed us to obtain international patents and certificates from the most important institutions, universities and Technology Institutes of Research.

Our production units are ISO 9001 certified and our products are guaranteed by institutions of the stature of the CSIC, the CNR, La Sorbonne in Paris, the Institute of Sciences of Shanghai, UNESCO, universities  and many others.

Over 4 million square meters applied and treated with our technology, with proven results in improving air and reducing pollutants, also endorse us.

Now is the time to give to families the access to this unique technology.

Our market is people, people’s health and well-being. We want to protect people.

It’s the main reason for which our products decontaminate the air, eliminate odours, destroy dirt and prevent the growth of microorganisms on surfaces, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and façades, among others.

When our photocatalytic products are applied to surfaces, they become activated by light and use light’s energy to destroy everything that pollutes the air.

Activa surfaces provide to walls environmental techniques similar to those used in photovoltaic solar panels. Our Activa Products help to maintain the health of those who live or spend time in the buildings and constructions to which they are applied.

City air is polluted.

Pollution is a result of our daily activities: transportation, heating, cooking, industry… it is unavoidable, because it is part of human activity.

Photocatalysis and Activa products match up both sides of the coin. The city itself, its surfaces, homes, schools, shops and streets, can use the light they receive to clean the surrounding air

We want people to enjoy a clean and healthy environment, without pollution or odours, and with significant cost savings.

We want for every family and every company, to be able to create their own clean environment within the city, and that, by first protecting themselves, they will also contribute to the common well-being. Photocatalysis allows each family and each company to create clean environments.

Our Bussines Vision
Photocatalytic cities can combine urban life with a clean, healthy and natural environment, without having to give up neither city life nor outdoor activities. Photocatalytic technology is not only cleaner, but also improves the surrounding environment in a continuous and permanent way.

It is the only environmental technology that works by benefitting the user first, and consequently also the community.

Corporate Values

  • Mutual commitment: We want to give back to our consumers for the trust they deposit on us by providing products that improve their quality of life.
  • Operational excellence: We want to be excellent, agile and trustworthy. Our management is oriented towards the creation of the best possible value in everything we do to increase quality.
  • Total commitment to the customer: Our relationship with the customer is long-term oriented.
  • Ethics: We operate with transparency, professionalism and commitment to our customers and suppliers.
  • Quality: Our goal is to pursue excellence.
  • Innovation: We anticipate to the market’s needs to be the first to fulfill them.
  • Environment: We care for people and improve their environment through our products and processes.