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ADG Solutions

ADG Solutions works colaboratively with you and your team through a process of discovery to consider every step, variable, and detail critical to the success of your plastics recycling business. Only then do we recommend recovery or plastic extrusion system improvements. This process ensures a plastic recycling system that perfectly suits your business model, capabilities, expansion and growth.

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3022 Burr Street , Fairfield , Connecticut 06824 USA
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Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

We help companies transform hard-to-recycle plastic waste into clean, valuable feedstockSpecializing in recycling technologies and machinery for post-consumer and industrial plastics reclaim.

The process and solutions include:

  • Feed stock analysis / material property characteristics
  • Evaluation of foot print and building constraints
  • Washing, drying, and separation
  • Gaylord tippers and other feeding systems
  • Material conveying
  • Metal detection – both ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Size Reduction – shredders and granulators
  • Clean flake production
  • Feedscrews: new and rebuilt
  • Plastic extrusion systems including:
    • Feed systems designed for your feedstocks with the maximum range in densities
      • Wide mouth
      • Ram stuffer
      • Melt fed
    • Melt delivery – proper extruder size and reclaim screw design at the highest rates possible
    • Devolatization for solid, non-gassy pellets– vented and cascade systems
    • Melt filtration – technologies suited to contaminant levels
      • Slide plate screen changers with oversized variable flat screen
      • Continuous screen changers including backflush models
      • Heavy-duty, self-cleaning continuous melt filters
    • Pelletizing – technologies based on melt viscosity and end-user specifications

ADG Solutions serves plastic waste recyclers from post-consumer to industrial to foam densification. The company has two primary areas of expertise:

  • Maximizing plastics recycling efficiencies for highest yield at lowest cost
  • Maximizing production for variable processes

ADGS has proven solutions for …

  • Hard-to-reclaim plastics materials including:
    • foam scrap: Primarily EPS
    • light density film
    • rolled and loose film scrap
    • paper/label contaminated plastics
    • printed scrap with heavy ink contamination
    • fiber scrap
    • Regrind cleaning systems – dry
  • Scrap to extrusion grade pellet
  • Washing and separating systems for flexible and hard plastics

Polymer recycling solutions for …

  • Polyolefins / TPO / TPE
  • PVC
  • TPR
  • Styrenics
  • Nylon / PET (fiber grades)
  • PET (bottle grade)
  • Foamed (expanded) plastics

Plastics extrusion expertise …

Feedscrews and Barrels: Design and Rebuilds…

Melt filtration…

Post-Consumer plastics recycling systems …

  • Washing systems
  • Separation systems
  • Conveying systems
  • Size reduction systems
    • densifiers for films
    • shredders – all different types of size reduction units
  • And more!

Industrial plastics recycling systems …

  • Conveying systems
  • Trim handling systems
  • Finished goods scrap recycling
  • Size reduction systems
    • densifiers for films
    • shredders – all different types of size reduction units
  • And more!

Process consulting expertise in …

  • Plastics recycling for any process
  • Primary process technologies for:
    • Film (blown/cast)
    • Sheet
    • Foamed (expanded) plastics
    • Compounding / pelletizing
    • Profile and Pipe
    • Wire and cable
    • Fiber
    • Extrusion blow molding

ADG Solutions will provide performance-based leadership and know-how for the application, specification and supply of equipment systems used to transform plastic scrap into high-value raw material—regardless of the condition of the scrap or handling difficulties.

We will work directly with processors to provide machinery or disposal solutions that convert plastic scrap to marketable feedstock.

Our plastics reclaim systems expertise covers general to specialized recycling machinery for hard-to-reprocess scrap. This includes foamed polystyrene, dirty materials that require washing, and materials heavily contaminated with fibers, paper labels, and other non-plastics.

As a result of ADG Solutions recycling systems specification and supply, less in-plant and post-consumer waste will end up in landfills and more profit will be driven to our customer’s bottom line.