Adiss S.A.

Adiss S.A.

ADISS has the premises in the locality of Tautii Magheraus (near the city of Baia Mare), Romania and is an active company in the area of treating urban and industrial wastewater. Equipments, soutions and services for treating urban and industrial wastewater. Superstructures for specialized municipal vehicles. There are over 150 people working for ADISS to produce quality equipments, delivered on time and supported by after-sales services you can count on. The solutions we propose come from experience, inovation and research. Having over 200 projects accomplished, it is one of the leading companies in this field of activity, since 1993. Click here to see the Map of projects accomplished in Romania. The activity of Adiss contributes actively to improving the quality of the environment.

Company details

str. 66. nr. 16. Tautii Magheraus , Maramures , 437345 Romania

Locations Served


Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Strategical Objectives

The vision of Adiss Company is to be leader on the Romanian market of wastewater treatment.
The mission of Adiss is to offer complete integrated solutions for treating wastewater at a high technological level and a high quality level, to ensure clean environment.

The strategical directions that will help us accomplish this mission are presented

  1. Developing understanding in the area, so that the company can be a user and a generator of creative solutions and technologies in the field of wastewater treatment;
  2. Implmentation of the complete integrated solutions network of Adiss, with additional services to the manufactured products put into service, so that the service and maintenance network can assure the permanent satisfaction of clients.
  3.  Developing the competence of all company members through its own continuous training systems and the educational systems of interest.
  4. Developing and implementation of new concepts concerning company management in order to raise management competitiveness specific to the innovative technological company.


  • competitiveness
  • competence
  • dynamism
  • quality.

ADISS S.A. Company Board Statement

ADISS S.A. is a technological company by its strategy, equipments, by the manufactured products, the services offered and mainly by the market segment it approaches. Firstly, the technology is present and it will represent continuously the support for the future evolution of the company. The second aspect concerns the portfolio it offers, this portfolio is based on its own technology, its own concepts, its own solutions. Generally, ADISS company does not offer products, it offers solutions to resolve market demands for treating and cleaning wastewater.

The strategy of the company was and is built on two fundamental principles:

  • Capitalization at a very high level of the resources, in the context of raising the lifespan of the manuafactured products, of their quality, in conditions of easy maintenance. With this fundament, ADISS company integrates in the economy based on resources, the future world direction of industrial businesses.
  • By raising its own competitiveness, the value added to products and services manifests itself continuously. This principle can be illustrated on the one hand, by the large number of employees that have university degrees, 75 of a total of 150 employees, and on the other hand, by the speed of renewal and modernisation of the manufactured products.

The modern management structure implemented, based on dual management, offers indisputable management performances, based on assuming responsibility, speed in decision making and flexibility in relation to the external environment of the company, especially with the market. The management support and the support of basic processes is fundamented on the implementation of the Integrated Management System ISO 9000 ,ISO 14000 and 180001.

The fundamental value of the company is based on the team concept. The human resource is in the center of attention of the management, it being the fundamental support for the evolution of the company. 

As a company that has reached the present development phase, the long-term development strategy aims at two aspects:

  • Technological development of the company and of the solutions offered and of the products manufactured at high technological levels;
  • Entering on new markets and strenghtening its position by the technological value of the products, by the warranty and post-warranty technological services. 

 As General Manager of ADISS Company and in the name of the Board of Directors, I can affirm that the path we have chosen is the Technological Path, a path that has no limitations, with a permanent willingness to offer competitive solutions in our field of activity. This willingness is nothing else than an invitation to join us as partners, here were we promote values like:

  • competitiveness
  • competence
  • dynamism
  • quality.