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Advanced Blending Technologies (ABT) is committed to providing recycled polyethylene users with expertise, strategic services and formulation solutions to help cut costs and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Advanced Blending Technologies focuses on helping manufacturers and processors use recycled materials more efficiently, increasing availability, lowering costs, improving product quality and increasing throughput. The firm also provides assistance in areas ranging from sourcing materials and dealing with problematic materials to improving manufacturing efficiencies, product quality and the optimization of blends to meet specific product requirements.

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531 W. Williamsburg Drive , Tiffin , Ohio 44883 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Metal Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Advanced Blending Technologies' expertise in polyethylene blending and advanced material characterization includes experience in plastics processing, blending, and using recycled plastics, with Engineering R&D, Manufacturing, and Operations emphasis.

A proven software-based system combining Advanced Blending Technologies' expertise in polyethylene blending and advanced material characterization with one-of-a-kind polyethylene blend formulation software.

The OptiMISER System allows you to manufacture high-value products from commodity-grade, low-cost material streams. In fact, in many applications, processors have replaced prime materials with wide-specification, recycled and reprocessed polyethylene resins, getting the same and even higher levels of end-product quality! 

20 years of proven performance
Developed originally as a proprietary technology more than 20 years ago, The OptiMISER System is now being used in a variety of processes including blow molding, injection molding,pipe and profile extrusion, sheet extrusion and thermoforming. 

Processors using 100% recycled polyethylene materials are experiencing improved throughput, scrap reduction and higher quality while further reducing material costs. 

The OptiMISER System provides: 

  • Assessment of your processes for initial software programming of production parameters. 
  • Rapid low cost material characterization. Get rapid test results. When you're ready, we can help you set up set up an onsite material test lab of your own. 
  • Initial software programming, including development and input of properties reflecting your specific processes, polyethylene blending variables and product performance requirements. 
  • Simple, easy-to-use operator instructions and start-up assistance; little training needed. The OptiMISER System screen interface was developed for easy use by shop floor operators. 

Software performance features:

  • Selects blends from your inventory of available polyethylene resins.
  • Can be set for multiple material properties (as few as two specifications and as many as seven)
  • Takes into account quantities of available materials and their costs.
  • Delivers all possible recipe/blend solutions optimized for least cost.

Blending formulation is a complex and multifaceted process. The properties that determine the success of every formulation are different for every molding process and manufacturer. 

Only The OptiMISER System builds into its software algorithms that represent decades of discoveries in resin behaviors, feedstock blends and formulation experience. And once it's set up, you get formulation solutions — solutions that work — in seconds. 

Say goodbye to guesswork. The solutions you're looking for are right here. 

Blow molding

The OptiMISER System's software can be configured to formulate polyethylene blends that enhance the quality, reliability and performance of your blow-molded products. Moreover, your optimized blends — specific to each product — will also provide better processability, reducing costly scrap and the need for constant process changes, while boosting your throughput rates. (For more blending insights, click here.) 

While formulating optimized blends with consistent density and melt index (and, of course, least cost) is important, other equally important properties are used to optimize overall performance. These properties could include impact strength, melt strength, processability, flexural modulus, tensile strength, environmental stress cracking, molecular weight distribution, rheological properties and a host of other characteristics. 

Sheet & Film Extrusion and Thermoforming

With The OptiMISER System, blend improvements go well beyond optimizing costs. OptiMISER software can be configured to formulate blends for a host of other equally significant characteristics that offer value-added properties for your film and sheet products. That — and the system's rapid material characterization methods — is why its formulation technology can deliver the unheard-of cost savings by blending with lower-cost materials. (For more blending insights, click here.)

Beyond using the standard density and melt index properties, other CTQ characteristics critical to successful processes and products are used to truly optimize each blend for your unique operations. These quality contributors could include impact strength, melt strength, processability, elongation, thermoforming sag strength, tensile strength, flexural modulus, environmental stress cracking, molecular weight distribution, rheological properties and more. 

Injection molding

Blends formulated with The OptiMISER System can enhance the quality, and performance — in process and in end use — of your injection-molded products. OptiMISER's advanced formulation software incorporates additional resin characteristics known to be CTQ's for injection molded products. And, The OptiMISER System's exclusive technology allows you to take advantage of lower-cost resins you may never have considered possible. (For more blending insights, click here.) 

With every blend, you get formulations optimized not only for cost, but for additional key properties for a cost-effective, high-quality product. In addition to consistent density and melt index, OptiMISER formulation calculations can include resin properties such as impact strength, melt strength, mold filling, processability, flexural modulus, tensile strength, environmental stress cracking, molecular weight distribution, rheological properties and others. 

Pipe & profile extrusion

Eliminating stress cracking and problems is just one of the benefits you get with The OptiMISER System. Using proven algorithms for each material property, Advanced Blending Technologies’ formulation program can design unique blends that actually enhance your pipe or profile products and the processability of your blends. 

Beyond formulating blends with consistent density and melt index, The OptiMISER System’s software can incorporate other properties known to be CTQs in pipe and profile extrusion. Taking into account these characteristics — including impact strength, processability, flexural modulus, tensile strength, environmental stress cracking, NCTL, NCLS, rheological properties and others — is the only way to make the use of lower-cost resins possible and practical. (For more blending insights, click here.)