Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd. (ACT)

Advanced Construction Techniques (ACT) provide specialized contracting services for the Civil and Geotechnical Engineering industry. We provide a wide range of ground modification and seepage control services including large dam seepage cut-off curtains, foundation settlement controls/arrestment utilizing compensation techniques, tunnel settlement and support, tunnel seepage control.

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3935 Lloydtown Aurora Road , King , Ontario L7B 0E7 Canada

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Engineering service provider
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Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical
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Internationally (various countries)
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A Depth of Knowledge
Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd. is a specialty Geotechnical Contractor offering a complete range of ground modification construction methods to the geotechnical industry. We perform drilling and grouting, install secant piles, slurry and cutoff walls, install rock anchors and micropiles, perform shotcrete and install soil nails, and also install geotechnical instruments. Click on the 'What We Do' link at the top of the page for a complete listing of our capabilities.

The company was formed 1992 to provide specialized construction services for the geotechnical industry. In 2008 Advanced Construction Techniques, Inc. was formed in the United States in order to better serve our U.S. clientele.

Diversity. Integrity.
From our humble beginnings, performing projects that ranged from a few days to a few months, ACT has grown to become a full service Geotechnical Contractor. We have worked throughout North America and in some of the harshest winter environments that the continent has to offer. We have been fortunate to have worked on some of the most prestigious geotechnical projects including 3 of the largest dam foundation remediation projects ever completed.

Our recent typical projects include cutoff walls, seepage control and stabilization of large earthen and concrete dams, along with underground structure reconstruction for subways, tunnels, railway, water supply aqueducts, mines, penstocks, and the like.

We are a specialty Geotechnical Contractor providing solutions through all types of ground modification techniques. Our focus in the geotechnical industry includes projects such as seepage control and stabilization of large earthen and concrete dams; underground structure rehabilitation for subways, tunnels and sewers; as well as railway, water supply aqueducts, mines, penstocks, and the like. We have successfully completed projects across Canada and the United States.
We are always looking forward, exploring and developing new technologies that afford best value for our Clients. We take pride in developing innovative solutions for our Clients.