Advantest America, Inc.

Advantest America, Inc.

For over a half century, Advantest has been designing innovative electronic measuring equipment and semiconductor test systems essential to the development and manufacture of advanced computer and telecommunications products. On April 1, 2012, Advantest completed its integration of Verigy Ltd. Advantest contributes to worldwide safety and security by supporting innovation in the semiconductor industry.

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3061 Zanker Roda , San Jose , CA 95134 USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)


Since our founding in 1954, Advantest has continued to hone our electronic measurement technologies, and has grown organically in step with the global electronics industry. Semiconductor test systems, our flagship products, test semiconductors for use in a variety of electronic devices and equipment to ensure they perform as designed, and without malfunction. This contribution is central to our mission to support worldwide safety and security through measurement technology.

Currently, the digital revolution is embedding innovations such as IoT, AI, deep learning, self-driving cars, and more into our daily lives. Demand for massive data storage, advanced processing capacity and ultra-high speed communications, and their relevance, continue to increase. In the future, semiconductors will have even higher performance, while being smaller and consuming less power. Higher reliability will be more important than ever and Advantest will ceaselessly continue to support innovation in the semiconductor industry.

We take pride not only in our industry-leading electronic measurement technologies, but also in the diverse human resources that support the global development of our business. I hope to leverage these strengths to grow with customers around the world and continuously increase our corporate value. Together with our stakeholders, I look forward to a bright future of shared prosperity and ongoing innovation.

Business Segments
Advantest is a global leader in test and measurement. We provide real solutions to customers in a wide range of fields, from semiconductor manufacturing and R&D to electronics, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

Semiconductor and Component Test System
Advantest develops, manufactures, and sells test systems that are used to assure the quality of a diverse variety of semiconductor devices utilized in smartphones, PCs, automobiles, and other familiar electronic products.

Mechatronics System
Advantest offers a rich line-up of products used in semiconductor development and processing, including lithography tools and wafer test systems.

Factory Automation (FA)
Test handlers enhance semiconductor manufacturing efficiency by automatically loading devices into the test system, then grading and sorting them.

Device Interfaces (DI)
DI business develops and delivers products that interface the device with the tester, ensuring that the device’s capabilities are fully tested. These products include probe cards, IC sockets, and change kits.

Advantest provides electron beam lithography systems that etch nanoscale circuit patterns onto semiconductor wafers, nanoimprint templates, and other substrates, as well as metrology systems that enable real-time measurement and defect review of pattern width, height, and side wall angles.

Services, Support and Others
Advantest provides prompt, customer-optimized solutions for issues ranging from test system / electronic measurement instrument installation and productivity improvement through to maintenance and test program development.

Additionally, we are developing groundbreaking products that utilize technologies like terahertz wave measurement and MEMS, targeting diverse new markets such as pharmaceutical product analysis and electronic components.