Aerobic Guard, LLC

Aerobic Guard, LLC

Aerobic Guard, LLC. 34 likes. Innovators of a new generation of disinfection devices for Aerobic Septic System. Aerobic Septic Systems require a means of disinfection for the effluent water prior to being sprayed above ground. The typical method of disinfection that has been widely used since the introduction of Aerobic Septic System has been Chlorine. The use of Chlorine has been somewhat effective and requires storage of chemical. Also, the use of Chlorine requires the homeowner to be relied on to handle and maintain the proper amount of Chlorine in the system. Which in a typical system would in most cases be having to add Chorine liquid or tablets about every 2 to 3 weeks.

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The storage of Chlorine can be very troublesome. Chlorine vapor from the tablets will attach all metals near the storage area. Current Chlorinators used on Aerobic Septic Systems do not have any means of alarming the homeowner in case of Chlorine tablet depletion. This would allow the system to operate with no disinfection. Which will allow a pump out of highly contaminated water directly onto the area which will be occupied by humans, animals and vegetation.

We go about this with a different method. Our method is the use of Ozone generation. Ozone is a strong oxidizer that is up to 3000 times for effective than Chlorine. Ozone is not stored, Ozone is generated on site. With this method, this offers the homeowner a means of disinfection that is completely hands free. Ozone is very safe for the environment, with the only bi-product being Oxygen. Ozone is generated by bonding 3 atoms of Oxygen to form Ozone. Once the Ozone comes in contact with a virus or bacteria, the Ozone attacks the nucleus of the cell and destroys the bacteria or virus. Ozone will make this kill up to 3000 times faster than Chlorine. Once, the Ozone attacks the bacteria it reverts back to Oxygen. Ozone is not stored, Ozone has to generated on site.

With our units, we have designed the device to monitor the operation. We have audible and visual alarms to alert the homeowner of any failure within the system immediately. This will prevent the opportunity for system operation without disinfection. We monitor the generator operation and fail on loss of generation due to shorts or opened components. We monitor system pressure to alarm on a break in the system tubing or pipe delivering the Ozone to the disinfection tank (pump out tank). The alarms are designed to run thru 3 cycles before an alarm will lockout and initiate an audible and visual alarm. Which can then be silenced locally at the unit. Then the homeowner can notify their service company for troubleshooting of the system.

Similar to the monitoring of Chlorine residual with a test strip. Ozone can also be monitored by the servicing company by the use of Ozone residual test strips. As long as there is a residual we can be assured that we have disinfection going on within the system. We have worked with NSF on what will be required of this type of system once they complete the assembly of a testing procedure that is recommended for disinfection device for Aerobic Septic Systems. However, we do recommend that you check with your local governing authorities if you have any concerns about using this type of device. In most cases this will be allowed as a secondary disinfection device as long as the disinfection device that was shipped with the Aerobic Septic System has not been removed.

So with this we would like to ask. How would you like to not have to maintain the Chlorine tablets or liquids (Both are Hazardous to your health as well as the environment) and actually have a hands free

Aerobic Septic Plant in your own back yard?
Would you like to have the peace of mind that your family could be protected from bacteria and disease, knowing that your children and/or your pets are not rolling and playing

in your yard after a pump out has activated? Enjoy your family, knowing that the water being sprayed onto your yard could actually be totally bacteria free?

Guess What? You can do that with our products.

Our products are designed for use as a disinfection device for Aerobic Septic Systems. However, there could be many uses for this type of a device for disinfection as well as purifying and improving the clarity of water. Such uses could be considered are. Some of the application that Ozone generation would be an excellent means of disinfection of water and could eliminate or greatly reduce any other means of treatment are these.

  • Wastewater
  • Pond Clarification
  • Decorative waterfalls
  • Water Reuse
  • Gray Water
  • Soap removal from water
  • Oil removal from water
  • Deodorizing practically anything
  • Rain Water Harvesting