AeroThermal Group PLC

AeroThermal Group PLC

AeroThermal Group PLC

Autoclaves for waste management specialists. AeroThermal’s autoclave is a pressure vessel that steam treats its contents at a constant temperature and pressure, serving to sterilise, clean, break-down lignin structures and reduce waste volume by approximately 60%. Then, by applying a secondary process the true added value of the autoclave can be realised. These qualities can not only serve to increase landfill diversion rates, but if the process by-product, cellulose floc, is used to its full advantage, clean, green energy can be derived from waste.

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Units H1A & H1B Dawkins Road, Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, Hamworthy , Poole , Dorset BH15 4JY United Kingdom
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Waste and Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)

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AeroThermal, incorporating Aeroform, was formed in 2006, uniting a team with extensive knowledge and practical experience in designing, manufacturing and operating industrial autoclaves for aerospace, motorsport and industrial purposes.  The team is also applying its skills into developing a comprehensive waste treatment process that maximises organic material recovery from a variety of waste streams, including household, commercial, agricultural and industrial.

Our team’s achievements include:

  • Design and manufacture of the world’s first all-carbon fibre commercial aircraft seat certified by CAA, FAA and LBA.
  • Design and manufacture of the first vertical airflow continuous throughput autoclave for laminating of car windscreens on behalf of Pilkington Automotive.
  • Design and manufacture of the first vertical and horizontal air flow oven for heat treatment for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft.
  • Design and manufacture of the first circumferential airflow autoclave system on behalf of Airbus UK to carry out the creep stress forming of Airbus A380 aircraft wing skins.
  • Design, manufacture and project management of the exceptionally large, multi-zone circumferential airflow autoclave on behalf of Mitsubishi for curing Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft wing skins, and a second similar autoclave for curing its wing spars.
  • Designing, building, installing and maintaining autoclaves and other thermo forming equipment in the highly-competitive world of F1, F300 and US Indy Car racing for companies including McLaren, Honda, BAR, Sauber, Renault, Benetton, Lotus, TWR, Lola, Penske and many others.
  • Design authority to the British Ministry of Defence for the design, construction and project management of the hypobaric chamber equipment at the RAF altitude simulation training school.
  • Designing the autoclave solvent infused expansion of tobacco leaves for low tar light brand smoking products and packaging.
  • Designing long-term storage of the Royal Ordnance’s intelligent munitions in inert atmosphere containers using AeroThermal’s autoclave technology.
  • Designing, building and managing more than 40 anaerobic digestion plants across the UK and China, primarily for treating municipal sewage sludge and converting it to methane gas for the purposes of green energy generation.
  • Designing and patenting a rotating, direct steam injection waste processing double-ended autoclave, which incorporates through-vessel steam flow and angled helix mixing system to guarantee uniformity of process and maximise organic material breakdown and recovery.