AFGHANITE Geo & Mining Engineering Services

AFGHANITE Geo & Mining Engineering Services

Afghanite Co. having the unique experience in intensive geotechnical, environmental, terrestrial and aerial surveys, and mineral exploration within the territory of Afghanistan and according to the international standards is ready to serve the similar projects in the Central Asia region as well. Afghanite has been the prime contractor for 816 km route geotechnical survey as well as aerial LIDAR survey of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline and also geotechnical investigation of new Salang Tunnel design. All of them are the largest of the type in the history of Afghanistan. Knowing how to work with the local community for the safest operation now Afghanite is looking for partnering with the neighboring countries' companies and contractors.

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Engineering service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Shaida Copper project is the first large contract for the development of mineral resources in the last decade in Afghanistan.

The study was conducted for evaluation of the baseline situation on the project area and probable impact of exploration activities on the environment and people of the area.

The prepared report is now approved by National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and the Environmental Permit for this very important project is issued.


Afghanite as the leading party of the project “Detailed Route Survey (Topo, LIDAR and Bathymetry) of TAPI Pipeline in Afghanistan” is pleased to announce that this project as the biggest survey project in the history of Afghanistan is accomplished. The project schedule and quality was in line with the requirements set by the TPCL as the client and ILF Consulting as the consultant of the project.

In this project the pipeline corridor with width of 1.8 km and length of 816 km was surveyed using different techniques. For the first time in a commercial project in Afghanistan Aerial LIDAR system was deployed for this project.


Afghanite company is pleased to announce that the first phase geotechnical investigation of Salang New Tunnel FB study and design is successfully accomplished.

This phase consists of evaluation of three different options for the construction of new tunnel which will be connecting northern part of the country to the central and southern parts. The geotechnical investigation campaign was including 9 BH drilling with the depth of 220 meter at most. The drilling should be done in HQ diameter using triple tube wireline drilling method.

This project was the most challenging one in this type in the region since about 4000 m altitude and lack of ground access to the locations were imposing special complications for the logistics and operation of this activity.

This project is the largest geotechnical investigation project from the cost perspective in the last decades.


Afghanite as the lead party of the Geotechnical Investigation project of the TAPI Pipeline Route in Afghanistan is pleased to announce that this unique project is accomplished in the predefined schedule and as per the quality criteria set by TPCL as the client and ILF Consulting as the consultant of the project.

The project consists of thousands of meters of drilling in different locations and lithologies in addition to thousands of test pits, Wenner and Schlumberger electrical resistivity measurements, soil and water samplings, and different lab and field tests on samples and in situ strata.