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  • QuaLIS - QuaLIS LIMS

    QuaLIS - QuaLIS LIMS

    QuaLIS is an enterprise scale Web based LIMS. The solution is agnostic to server platform OS, database and client Platform. This means you can run QuaLIS from both Linux and Windows depending on your organisations choice of platform. Also QuaLIS works with any SQL compatible database as backend like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL or My SQL. QuaLIS runs on any standard web browser on any client platform (Windows, Linux & Android).

  • LogiLAB - LogiLAB ELN

    LogiLAB - LogiLAB ELN

    LogiLab ELN acts as a middleware between the instrument and the LIMS. Samples and their tests along with job schedule will move to the ELN. Respective person when logs into ELN will receive allotted work and start performing tests and capturing data for specific test and sample(s). Instrument results can be pushed from instruments by printing or direct capture through RS232 or TCP/IP ports.

  • LogiLAB - SDMS

    LogiLAB - SDMS

    LogiLab SDMS helps laboratories to organise data in a central repository. Laboratory instruments generate raw data and meta data. Every instrument is different and could be a standalone piece with RS232 or LAN port or pc-controlled instrument. Apart from the instrument output laboratories prepare and maintain a whole lot of documents. All these information can be automatically pushed to a central server based repository by implementing LogiLab SDMS.

  • InterFACER - Clinical diagnostic instrument interfacing

    InterFACER - Clinical diagnostic instrument interfacing

    InterFACER is designed to handle clinical diagnostic instrument interfacing. Clinical instrument interfacing has been handled either as a custom developed solution or as a driver based technology for quite some time in the industry. InterFACER is a configurable middleware that can be configured to interface any clinical instrument. The system has service oriented architecture and works with a database (SQL Server/Oracle) as backend.