Agassiz Drain Tile, LLC

Agassiz Drain Tile, LLC

Established in 2005, Agassiz Drain Tile is North Dakota’s only locally owned and operated sub-surface drainage contractor. Agassiz Drain Tile is determined to give you a drainage system that increases your profitability year in and year out. Our systems are custom built with large mains and narrow spaced laterals to give you the most efficient and reliable drainage on your farm. We install systems using the latest techniques in the drainage industry today. Our machinery is equipped with the latest in RTK (Real Time Kinematics) GPS technology. The GPS unit installed on our plow does more than just guide the steering; it also controls the installation of the pipe. We have accuracy margins within a centimeter. There is no other machine control more accurate. Using the GPS on our plow has enabled us to install pipe in all conditions. Other machine control systems such as Lasers limit you to ideal conditions. Elements such as wind and rain can compromise the quality of your drainage system.

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6234 13th St NE , Buxton , North Dakota 58218 USA
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Soil and Groundwater
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Locally (one state or province)


Agassiz Drain Tile is proud to be your new option for sub surface drainage in the Red River Valley. Our business is locally owned and located in Mayville, North Dakota. Agassiz Drain Tile specializes in large and small pattern tiling systems that are designed to remove your excess water and maximize your crop yield.

Demand for subsurface drainage has reached historic levels due to excessive rain in the past 20 years. Top producers have realized that water table management is the ultimate and final step to maximum productivity. Properly designed and installed drainage systems increase yields and land values. Our systems include high capacity mains with close lateral spacings for maximum results. Contact Agassiz Drain Tile today to see the benefits that we can bring you.

For this type of machinery to work we need to have an accurate topographic map of your field. When the decision is made to install drain tile on your land, we will use our equipment to survey and map the features of your field. The maps are then used as an aid to design your system including the location of mains and laterals for your field. 

This design is then transferred into the plow guidance system which handles all grade changes for your project. 

Agassiz Drain Tile is absolutely the most affordable option for sub-surface drainage.