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Aget Manufacturing Company has been Designing And Building Dust Collectors, Mist Collectors, And Dust Collection Systems For Industry which are sold under the Trade Names Dustkop, Mistkop, and Filterkop. As Dust and Mist Collection Specialists, Dust Collectors, Cyclones, Baghouse Filters,Downdraft Tables, and Rotary Valves or Rotary Air Locks are our only business. Typical common applications are wood working, metal working, food preparation mixing and blending, tool grinding, buffing, polishing, plastic re-grind, abrasive blasting and cleaning, parts washers, and a multitude of specialty applications. Aget markets its products through a network of experienced manufacturers` representatives in the United States and Canada for a wide variety of dust collection applications.

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History of Aget Manufacturing

Photo from the mid-1940s shows an early model Dustkop cyclone collector being demonstrated by James Roberts, then general manager of Aget Manufacturing CompanyAget Manufacturing Company began in 1938 in Adrian, Michigan. Our founder, Dr. E.F. Buskirk developed the first DUSTKOP dust collector to remove dust created by the casting, grinding and finishing operations in small dental laboratories engaged in the manufacturing of dentures. The DUSTKOP was well received by the dental industry, and Aget soon branched out into many other applications including metalworking and woodworking. Dust collectors come in many different forms. Aget manufactures over 600 standard models ranging from 1/3 HP to 60 HP units. Our complete line includes cyclone separators, self-contained unit collectors, after-filters, filter dust collectors, baghouses, bin vents, rotary airlocks, downdraft tables, benches, and booths, mist collectors and exhausters, all marketed under our well-known, registered trade names of DUSTKOP, FILTERKOP, and MISTKOP.

Aget markets its products through a network of experienced manufacturers' representatives in the United States and Canada for a wide variety of dust collection applications. Typical examples include woodworking, metalworking, powdered chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and agricultural processing, among many others. DUSTKOP products are also used for many OEM applications, and are installed in many vocational training centers and school work shops.

The basic DUSTKOP is a cyclone type dust collector, which pulls contaminated air into the unit at high velocity, creating a vortex or cyclonic action. Centrifugal forces separate the dry particles from the air stream, and they drop via gravity into a drum or hopper. Clean air can then be circulated back into the plant, or vented to the outdoors. The DUSTKOP is also offered in a 2-stage system which includes an after-filter unit attached to the cyclone separator for removal of sub-micron particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are also offered. Filterkop baghouses, and filter collectors provide highly efficient, economical dust collection solutions.


Our MISTKOP unit was developed to remove liquid mists from the air in machining and grinding operations, and is effective in reclaiming cutting oils and synthetic coolants used in these processes. Collection of the coolant mists in this manner eliminates or improves potential health and safety hazards from the shop area. The MISTKOP has proven more reliable, economical and cost-efficient than electronic systems or rotating drum equipment used for the same purpose. No wasted HP to rotate the filter drum means more air volume with less HP, using higher efficiency filter media. As a result, they are used and preferred by many machine shops and metal cutting facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Providing Industrial Dust Collectors & Industrial Mist Collector Systems over 70 years

Aget Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing dust and mist collectors since 1938. Over the years, we’ve developed our Dustkop and Mistkop products that are uniquely suited to our customers’ needs. Each system is tailored to run efficiently for the type of collection required. For example, if you need a saw dust collector for your workshop, Aget will select from our pre-engineered Cyclone dust collectors or other systems to provide maximum efficiency for the type of dust your shop produces. By tailoring each system to collect precisely the type of dust or mist produced, Aget can provide collection systems that operate at optimum efficiency – saving you money.


Aget’s shop dust collectors and mist collectors are designed to run continuously with infrequent shutdowns for filter reconditioning and maintenance. We understand that you don’t want to spend time worrying about non-production equipment. That’s why we build each system with the following features to reduce maintenance and the need for replacement parts:

  • Welded construction
  • Angle-iron supporting frameworks
  • Thicker gauge steel
  • Continuous-duty motors
  • Heavy-duty fan wheels, Aluminum (non-sparking) and Steel
  • Material handling fan design (capable of having material pass through the fan, even if not intended)
  • Individual major components bolted together for replacement (e.g. cone to cylinder) vs. entire single welded cyclone unit