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Agilaire is the leading provider of source and ambient air data management systems, with data flow starting from its 8872 Site Node/ loggers, up to either self-hosted AirVision servers or Agilaire’s AirVision cloud-based hosting. Data can then be disseminated through automatic email/FTP reports, the AgileWeb pre-built web site, and mobile apps like MyAQI and the TechAssist site for technicians. Coupled with Agilaire’s experienced project engineers and support techs, Agilaire offers the most complete and easiest solution for ambient data management available. Over 30 years experience with ambient monitoring, and his background includes development of the 8816/8832 software, business development in the ambient and source monitoring markets, project implementations, and trainings. Steve is well-known in the ambient and industrial source industries in the US and worldwide.

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2904-B Tazewell Pike, Suite A , Knoxville , TN 37918 USA

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Now you can breathe easier about your environmental data.

AirVision International Released
AirVision and related Agilaire products for your ambient air monitoring needs, including the Model 8872 Site Node Logger, now have foreign language support (Spanish, French, Chinese, Norwegian, etc) and can be used for single site, small networks, or full national air monitoring networks.

Agilaire’s hosted solutions can resolve IT burdens and save costs. Hosted solutions also allow for real time awareness of ambient conditions in the community.

AirVision Hosted Solutions Chosen by More Customers
Agilaire’s completely hosted system solution is being selected by more and more agencies as budget and IT challenges increase.  Agilaire has completed systems for organizations such as the State of Georgia, the State of Tennessee, Maricopa County AZ, Great Basin Unified APCD, Mexicali Mexico as well as smaller agencies like the Colville and Cabazon tribal organizations.

Agilaire also provides its AirVision/CEM software and CEM logger/controllers for 40CFR60 and international CEM projects, in a cost effective and simplified system that is easier to manage and use than most commercial CEM data management systems