AGO AG Energie + Anlagen

AGO AG Energie + Anlagen

AGO AG Energie + Anlagen

AGO is Latin and means “move”, “bring forward” and “operate”. Those are exactly the features that we offer. We are an implementing project developer who supports you altogether when it comes to energy supply and medium supply. Apart from consulting, planning and execution that also includes the operation of complete facilities and power plants. Our strengths on the one hand are the very short periods in which the projects are carried out and on the other hand the high-level engineering know how in our company. Each month saved in execution time saves your money.

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Am Goldenen Feld 23 , Kulmbach , Deutschland 95326 Germany
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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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AGO AG Energie + Anlagen, with its registered office in Kulmbach, was founded in 1980 and is specialized in the area of innovative and efficient energy supply facilities for industrial customers and municipalties. AGO AG focusses on the areas of business project development and implementation, as well as service and consulting. The core competence of the company commits mainly to power generation plants, to heating, cooling and ventilation technology plant construction, to biomass cogeneration plants and to trigeneration – a combination of power-heat-cooling. Site studies and development, consulting in energy efficiency, resource and fuel fossil consulting as well as emission trade management – these factors complete the business model. The name AGO is synonymous with efficiency, security and technological competence of your energy supply systems.

goals4kids e.V. – a nonprofit association: sustainable social responsibility

For quite some time now, AGO AG is committed to social projects on local and regional level. Within the Company, a lot of emphasis is placed on social responsibility – its reflection in the daily activities of all employees, but also its bridges to the life outside. Besides the protection of the environment, social engagement is an integral authentic part and inextricably linked with AGO’s corporate philosophy.

The nonprofit association goals4kids was founded at the Company’s request to extend its social commitment beyond regional limits.

In this way, social concerns can be anchored in the young subsidiary in South Africa on one hand, and further strengthened and sustainably marked in Germany on the other.

About goals4kids

goals4kids is a nonprofit association and aims at giving future-oriented perspectives to children from socially disadvantaged families in Germany and South Africa and supporting them in their education and training. Only a well-funded education and training can enable future generations to solve problems of their individual countries and to safeguard their future. The main concern here is that children should receive the necessary tools at hand to build up or to strengthen their individual country. A good school education is only one step into that direction – activities like sports, culture, arts or others are suitable methods to help children out of the social isolation and lead them on to new pathways. Team spirit, self-esteem or commitment are just some examples of what those activities could trigger. A decisive factor for a change in course could be, e.g., a well-kept soccer field or the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.

Transfer of Competence with Investments

The corporate structure of AGO AG Energie + Anlagen ensures financial independence and entrepreneurial autonomy. The Company is therefore able to realize up-front investments in the safeguarding of the future and to benefit from synergies.

Please find below some information about our Company structure and cooperations.

Corporate Principles

  • Profit and benefit for our customers are our top priority. Our products and services must therefore comply with highest quality standards.
  • Our main target is to generate profit sustainably as a prerequisite to safeguard the future of our company.
  • We offer state-of-the-art technologies to our customers. In the division of construction and installation of building services equipment, we are always one of the leading providers.
  • Our wealth of ideas, the motivation and team spirit of our employees – these are the keys for success with our customers.
  • Latest technologies and newest products are the basis to customer-oriented success.
  • We enjoy constructive, long-term and trustful business relationships to our partners.
  • The mission of our company guidelines is customer satisfaction. We have internal and external customers –both are equally important.
  • We have a duty towards society and environment, since we are a vital part of the economy.


  • The quality of our thinking and acting is the foundation for the quality of our services.
  • Quality management at AGO AG Energie + Anlagen is a process supported by AGO’s Management.
  • Quality assurance for contracts concerns not only the products but also the full portfolio of services.
  • Quality management within the Company is directed to the continuous improvement of all services.
  • Absolute accuracy within the portfolio of services is of top priority.
  • The quality management system meets the demands of the standard DIN ISO 9001 as well as customers’ requirements.

  • A healthy world should not be a coincidence – it depends on all of us.
  • The responsibility for the earth obliges us to pause and ponder about the implications for the future of the actions of today.
  • This basic idea is part of our corporate principles and forms the backdrop of our work objectives for an environment worth living in.
  • The thrifty use of natural resources is very important to us.
  • We will develop products and build systems that have least impact on humans and nature.
  • Our own, strict requirements define that we strive to continuously improve the corporate environmental protection.
  • Regular reviews secure the application of those principles.
  • We want to raise awareness to all employees and partners to take on responsibilities for a healthy environment.
  • We support the self-imposed commitment by industry through concrete measures to reduce total energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions.