AgriProTech company, located in Brittany (France), develops and commercializes pest control products. Innovation and technology are used to protect cereal crops and livestock farming. The company proposes products which are designed for professional use and that meet the needs of agricultural sector. The acoustic bird repeller AviTrac, made by AgriProTech in France, combines key functionalities that will help you prevent birds’ damage. It is fully programmable and weather resistant. Please find more about these products here. In case of very heavy bird pressure, you may have to use several bird control method. This is why AgriProTech is able to offer visual, acoustic, olfactory bird control products and more. Bird scarer kites, balloons and tapes can be used as complements to acoustic repelling method. To offer a physical barrier to your home or buildings, we can provide anti-bird spikes of olfactory repellent gel.

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34, rue Ferdinand Buisson , Mellac , 29300 France

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