Aguambiente is specialised in industrial and urban wastewater treatment. Aguambiente design and make the installation of wastewater treatment plants, WWTP and IWWTP in order to give in each case a correct treatment to the waste water, with the propose of the final effluent complies with the characteristics of the correspondent waste. Aguambiente treats industrial waste water with the assurance that the installations comply with their objectives. We provide a comprehensive service, from preliminary studies to plant operation and final management.

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Ronda del Sauce, parc. 34, Polígono Industrial La Mora , La Cistérniga , Valladolid 47193 Spain

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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Since it was founded, has preferentially developed its activities in the field of industrial waste water. This has led it to correctly know and treat each of the industries.

Each company, each process and each factory is a distinct entity, with different problems. Responding both to customer expectations as well as environmental needs is a challenge we set out for ourselves, project by project. And this is how an industrial waste-water treatment plant is successfully achieved..

Our company’s objectives are:

  • To care for the environment.
  • To comply with our customers’ expectations, which have to respect current legislation.
  • To care for personal safety.
  • To look after the development of all the professionals in our company and of those with whom we interact.

Aguambiente provides services of urban and industrial waste water treatment, projects, operation and maintenance of WWTP, Waste management, jartesting, compost and environmental law.

In order to achieve all objectives at Aguambiente we have a specifically qualified human team, dedicated to cover the needs of our customers, to listen to them, and to get to know the real problems involved in industrial water treatment.

  • Solutions for problems specific to each industry.
  • Project and design of WWTP, UWWTP.
  • Separation and/or destruction of specific contaminants.
  • Civil Work of the Wastewater treatment plant.
  • Treatment under strict levels of dumping.
  • Maintenance and operation waste water treatment plant.
  • Automation and control of the wastewater treatment plant.


Commitment to quality in wastewater treatment
The objective of Aguambiente is efficiency: To supply our products and services to the full satisfaction of our customers, with an optimum consumption of resources and means.

The internal management of Aguambiente, is based on a strong quality policy, the basis of our growth and competitiveness.

Aguambiente certifies its system of quality management under the UNE-EN-ISO-9001:2008, so this allows:

  • Aguambiente adapts its policy to the challenge of the changing market, giving satisfaction to the needs of their customers and obtain a product that improves their quality every day.
  • Achieve, inside the sector, a leading position in terms of quality of products and services and to maintain this position at the time.
  • Using the management system for effective solutions in managing Aguambiente and in the resolution of the problems that come up from our business development.

Client satisfaction is our primary objective. They should feel protected by Aguambiente for all the requirements of the administration and also for the internal environmental demands.

  • Guarantee of complying with the dumping norms. The waste water treatment must applied the discharge limits established.
  • Guarantee of technical support. Our maintenance and operation team of WWTP offer you a continuous or periodic assistance.
  • Guarantee of spares of the equipment. For sludge dewatering equipment, and pre-treatment, oil and fat separators, flotation and membranes.
  • Special contracts and agreements of collaboration with client.