Ahoy Rotterdam

We are the place that you associate with a particular experience. For a while or perhaps, forever. We offer experiences that will touch your heart. Your memorable Ahoy experience starts the moment you navigate through this website, enter our car park or let us look after your coat at the wardrobe. And it only ends when you look back on the pictures and share them with your friends and relations. We are aware of that. We are also the venue that is very well known among the `biggest on earth` since 1971. We offer a base for international artists, top sports professionals, politicians and celebrities. But we are also the people of Rotterdam. Proud residents of a global city that is constantly being rediscovered by visitors from all over the world.

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Ahoyweg 10 , Rotterdam , 3084 BA Netherlands

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Event organizer
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Globally (various continents)
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That concert where you and your love dance to 'your tune'. That epic day, when your team wins the final. That's Rotterdam Ahoy.

We are 250 event professionals with a shared mission: to create the conditions and the service that will raise your experience and perception to the highest possible levels. We innovate until it can't get any better, without losing that sense of familiarity.


We offer everyone, in as many ways as possible, a positive experience, because at Rotterdam Ahoy we believe that these experiences, large and small, enrich your life.

For the past 45 years, Rotterdam Ahoy has been creating the top location for large and small, but also one of a kind experiences that inspire you, get you moving and enrich your life. With our people and our venue, we quite literally bring worlds together. As residents of Rotterdam, we are grounded in the 'now' but also have a unique outlook on the requirements for the future in the events industry and the conference market. We work tirelessly centre-stage and behind-the-scenes, on creating the best memories for you. We look forward to welcoming you.


We consider Rotterdam Ahoy to be the very best stage for positive experiences; where pleasure, creativity, development and success are always in the spotlight. Our highest aim: From satisfied visitors and contacts to 'ambassadors' for our brand, allowing us to offer genuine enrichment and also guarantee continuity and sustainable growth in a venue on a global scale. 

Rotterdam Ahoy is in the unique position of being able to call upon a rich tradition that has been created by our own people. Continuous innovation enables us to respect our heritage. We invest in people, in collaboration and creation. We believe in the clarity of the Rotterdam people. In getting things done. In results. From ourselves and everyone else who is helping us build our today and tomorrow, we expect nothing less than excellence. Our highest aim is to create visitors and contacts whose expectations are exceeded, and guarantee continuity and sustainable growth.

Our future

Built for innovation

In the city of pioneers Rotterdam Ahoy is creating a new international conference centre, concert hall, theatre and auditorium. The existing Exhibition & Event Halls are being extensively modernised. The construction and refurbishment form part of the ‘Hart van Zuid’ urban regeneration project launched by the municipality of Rotterdam. Over the next few years the entire area around the Zuidplein Shopping Centre, Zuidplein Theater and Rotterdam Ahoy will be redeveloped for a sustainable and creative future.

Our City

Built for growth

Rotterdam is buzzing with energy. The 010 area is forever young and fruitful. Anyone who is willing to work hard and has the right mentality can make it in Rotterdam. The city breathes that vibe. At Ahoy we know that. And every Rotterdam resident knows it too. Come and find out for yourself.

Built for experiences - since 1971

Rotterdam Ahoy has been the proud host of a diverse range of brilliant entertainment, sports and business events for more than 45 years. The arena and convention centre sought to excel from the very start…

1950 – Rotterdam completes post-war reconstruction and opens the Rotterdam Ahoy! exhibition in a temporary hall (later nicknamed the Ahoy! hall) on what is now the Dijkzigt site.

1969 – 1971 Rotterdam Ahoy evolves into the multifunctional venue it is today.

1971 – The late Prince Claus of the Netherlands opens the venue which is now named 'Ahoy Rotterdam'.

2009 – 2011 The Ahoy Arena is extensively refurbished and Ahoy Rotterdam celebrates its 40th anniversary.

2016 – To mark our 45th anniversary, we are celebrating all year! With our new name - Rotterdam Ahoy – we return to our roots.