Airwell Group Pty Ltd

Airwell Group Pty Ltd

Australian made ground water pumps that work with an air supply. Our pumps are used in remote areas for pumping ground water with some insterlations over 15 kelometers from power. We specialise in landfill leachate recovery, cemetery leachate recovery, bore sampling, tailing dams leachate recovery, potable water supply, procesing plant water supply, hyrdrocarbon recovery sub soil,bore pumps. The air well pump is most suited to bores that produce grit / sand, there is only two moving parts in side an Airwell Pump these are tollarent to ingress of grit .

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30 Harris Road , Malaga , 6090 Australia
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Service provider
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Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)
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Airwell Group Pty Ltd is a family owned company that has been trading since 1985. In the early 1980's Managing Director Alan Brown set about designing and building water pumping systems for the agricultural industry in Western Australia. The system needed to operate remotely from power, be economical to run and safer and more reliable than existing water pumping methods such as windmills and solar pumping systems.

After several design attempts and many modifications later, the first Airwell pumps were sold to the agricultural market in 1984. On the back of continued success of the pumping system and its unique design Alan was issued with a patent in 1986 for the Airwell Pump. After winning the Commercial Inventors Award at the Newdegate Field Day in 1987 and the success of the pump, Airwell Pumps Pty Ltd the company was officially launched in 1988. For the next 5 years Airwell Pumps operated from a workshop located in country Western Australia servicing the needs of the Western Australian agriculture industry.

Soon after commencing the business it was recognized that the special features of the Airwell Pump system were suited to many other applications other than agricultural water supply. In 1991 Alcoa were having problems with iron reducing bacteria in water sampling bores. The bacteria was reducing the life of their pumps to just two weeks. Having solved a similar problem for an Albany farmer, Airwell supplied its firsts pumps to Alcoa who have continued to use Airwell pumps ever since.

It was not long before the Airwell Pump and its unique features had gained a niche market in the mining and industrial sectors, overcoming pumping issues associated with pollution recovery and open cut pit wall stabilisation. In 1998 Airwell moved to a commercial premises in Osborne Park and continued to grow its client base after being involved in some of the biggest pollution recovery projects ever undertaken in Australia.

The company moved again in 2003 into purpose built premises in Malaga Western Australia and expanded its products and services to include the supply of electric submersible pumps, contract water sampling, mobile flow testing and leachate recovery and detection systems. In 2006 the subsidiary company of Airwell Oil and Gas was created to develop and manufacture its new gas well de-liquefication technology in the USA and Canada which has been successfully trialled since 2008.

Our Capabilities

With nearly 30 year's experience in designing and delivering pumping solutions for major projects around the world, Airwell has the expertise and capability to carry out a wide range of services such as:

Salinity Management/Interception

Airwell's unique pumping technology has been used on several major salinity projects across Australia. The low flow capabilities and the ability for the pump to handle highly saline and grit laden water make it ideal for salinity management and interception projects.

Leachate Recovery of Tailings Dams and Landfill Sites

Airwell pumping systems are used extensively in leachate recovery both in Australia and overseas. Uses include the detection of, recovery from, leaks in residue ponds, tailings dams and landfill sites.

Pollution and Hydrocarbon Recovery

Airwell has extensive experience with many of Australia's largest companies in the recovery of LNAPL's and DNAPL's, using a variety of methodologies including our own total fluids pumps, often in conjunction with selective skimmers, vacuum extraction and sparge systems.

Intrinsically Safe Applications

Airwell pumping systems and controllers can be made to suit all situations including hazardous and intrinsic safe sites.

Water/Bore Sampling

With mine site approved and equipped 4WD vehicles, Airwell provides mobile bore sampling services either using our own direct air displacement systems or alternative pumping methods that meet our clients and all environmental requirements.

Bore Flow Testing

Airwell has a wide range of electric submersible pumps to undertake high flow bore testing projects. We are fully equipped with mine site ready vehicles, truck mounted hiab, data loggers, riser pipes, flow meters and experienced site operators.

Contaminated Site Remediation

With experience in a wide variety of different remediation projects and the ability to provide remote telemetry and monitoring options, Airwell can provide solutions for a wide range of remediation issues.

Mine Site Dewatering

Airwell can provide conventional large volume mine site dewatering solutions as well as provide solutions using the unique Airwell pump to handle complicated dewatering issues such as pit wall dewatering and wet spot dewatering.

Gas Well De-liquification

Airwell has combined the conventional features of its standard pumping system with an ability to pump from depths up to 2500 metres ideally suited for Oil and Gas industry situations.

Water Transfer and Harvesting

Airwell pumps can provide systems for water harvesting and water transfer projects for any size, whether it be for large scale water transfer or low yield bore fields for water harvesting.

Potable, Process and Remote Water Supply

The ability for the Airwell system to operate at a distance from power and handle grit, silt and iron reducing bacteria makes it an ideal solution for process, potable and remote water supply applications.

Whatever the application, our experienced technical consultants can tailor a solution to meet your individual needs, including the manufacture and installation of custom systems.

Our unique air operated pumping systems are renowned for their reliability, adaptability and durability because of the following unique features:

  • their ability to handle high grit and corrosive fluids/solids;
  • their low to high flow capabilities (from 0 - 100,000 litres per day);
  • ability to adjust to varying bore yields and self-regulate without damage to pump or bore;
  • can operate distance from power, up to 15 kms away;
  • intrinsically safe options for potentially dangerous/explosive environments;
  • high quality material and componentry manufacture;
  • simple to install and operate;
  • long service life with low maintenance characteristics due to few mechanical/moving parts;
  • Australian-made with all parts available locally;
  • can be integrated with other pump systems;
  • multiple pump systems can be controlled/powered centrally and monitored remotely;
  • customised pumps/systems to suit a particular application.

Airwell also offer a wide range of alternate pumps including electric submersibles for applications where an Airwell pump's unique features are not required. Look in our Pump Shop for the range of pumps we can supply at competitive pricing as well as hire and lease options.