A.I.T Environmental Technology

A.I.T Environmental Technology

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  • Mold Abatement Service

    Mold Abatement Service

    Homeowners, Facility Managers and Business owners throughout the nation are dealing with mold and mildew problems in their homes, offices and dorms. Every contractor will make the claim that you need to tear out and replace the drywall and carpets. This is simply not true and very expensive!

  • Virus and Bacteria Disinfecting Service

    Virus and Bacteria Disinfecting Service

    Athletics ExampleThe spread of illness from viruses and bacteria in public spaces is a major health concern. Outbreaks of influenza, H1N1, MRSA, Staph and Strep, just to name a few, can lead to panic, serious illness and even death. AIT’s disinfecting service will kill viruses and bacteria on every surface. Most cleaning companies will wipe down using a disinfectant. This will not disinfect every surface. AIT fogs the indoor environment with...

  • Air Quality Testing

    Air Quality Testing

    Air Testing ExampleAIT offers indoor Air Quality testing utilizing Air – O –Cell technology. Air quality testing can help you determine if you have an air quality problem. An air quality baseline is established by taking samples outside of the home to compare with indoor samples. AIT utilizes EMSL Laboratory, a third party, to evaluate air samples. The evaluation of the air quality results will be available within a few days and an AIT...

  • Emergency Response Service

    Emergency Response Service

    AIT is available 365 day per year for disinfecting services. Just call 1-800-651-2960 and an AIT Customer Service Representative will schedule you treatment. AIT works at night, on weekends and during holidays to help you reduce lost use of your facility.