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A.I.T Environmental Technology

Mold Abatement Service


Homeowners, Facility Managers and Business owners throughout the nation are dealing with mold and mildew problems in their homes, offices and dorms. Every contractor will make the claim that you need to tear out and replace the drywall and carpets. This is simply not true and very expensive!

Our process is simple and effective. AIT fogs your indoor environment with Benzyl Phenol IAQ. Benzyl Phenol IAQ is tested to EPA standards to kill all forms of mold. BPIAQ severs the mold spore cell walls, killing the mold spore colony and the root system. Dead spores are then removed with HEPA filtered vacuums. Our patented fogging process treats every surface, including carpets, furniture and drapery. It will not stain and dries quickly allowing you to reoccupy your home, office or dorm with 2 hours. In addition, the HVAC Systems operate during our process so your vents and ducts receive the disinfecting benefit of Benzyl Phenol IAQ. No other treatment will disinfect the Entire environment like AIT’s patented fogging process.

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