AKTID designs and implements custom-built turnkey mixed-waste processing and waste management solutions based on equipment and operating systems that offer operators high technical quality and outstanding performance. With over two decades of experience in creating complex industrial solutions, AKTID has a unique level of expertise. Its teams support customers throughout their projects, from defining the specifications to achieving their performance targets, whether they are working on a new site or a renovation. With a corporate culture focused on honouring its commitments, innovation, and a tireless quest to optimize financial performance, AKTID has become a leader on its constantly expanding market. AKTID is now building on its name-recognition and its experience to expand into the international market.

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190 route de l`Épine CS 29 447 , Chambéry , 73000 France

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)

The linear “extract, manufacture, consume, dispose” system on which our current economic model is based is running out of time, as natural resources become increasingly rare. But an economic model that can meet the need for sustainable growth does exist: the circular economy. The circular economy encourages recycling and significantly reduces consumption and waste of raw materials.

I made the choice to shift to this model by creating waste sorting and recycling turnkey solutions in 1995.
I am proud that AKTID has become a major player in this new economy.

And I am also proud that AKTID has become a modern company where everyone has room to grow and find fulfilment through a shared commitment.

The Payerne family, which traces its roots to the French and Italian Alps, has been in business for several generations.
Pierre-André joined the family business, manufacturing equipment for metal scrap processing, in 1995.
He developed a new branch of the company: mixed-waste processing facility engineering.

He went on to found his own company, AKTID, in 2005, to help the business achieve its full potential.

Since its creation, AKTID has seen constant growth and is now recognized as a major player in turnkey mixed-waste processing facility design and execution.