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Each of the three MIRO-SUN® products is highly reflective and each is tailored to the individual needs of different solar and daylighting applications. Four Alanod-Solar® absorptive products: sunselect®, mirotherm®, mirosol® and mirosol-protect®.The first two solar absorber surfaces have the highest absorption and lowest thermal emission.

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Service provider
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Energy - Solar Power
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Internationally (various countries)

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Solar absorption

sunselect®, mirotherm® and mirosol® are the three selective absorber coating systems for solar collectors. Those coatings are continuously produced in a PVD-process.

This achieves 95% absorption and at the same time, a low emission of not more than 5%. For the first time we offer, with mirosol TS, a coil coated selective absorptive lacquer.

All the absorbing products are used in a diverse range of solar-thermal collectors. Mostly copper or aluminium tubes are welded to the rear side of the absorbers to conduct heat, whereby laser welding has become established as the optimum technology for joining together both identical and dissimilar metals. This method ensures that the joints achieve not only long-term mechanical stability but also excellent thermal conductivity.

Solar reflection

With our reflecting surfaces, we offer various materials with a total solar reflectance ranging between 85% and 95%. Thanks to a weather-resistant nano-composite layer, MIRO-SUN® is an ideal material for outdoor applications.

This is used in CPC reflectors (CPC= Compound Parabolic Concentrator), evacuated tube collectors and parabolic trough concentrators (CSP = Concentrated Solar Power). In addition, MIRO-SUN® can also be used as a concentrating reflector material for photovoltaic applications (CPV = Concentrated Photovoltaics). The nine different products in the portfolio enables Alanod-Solar to offer an ideal component for every possible application.