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Established in 1988, Alatas has built an outstanding reputation with crane owners to help provide ship managers and crane operators with an extensive range of bespoke crane services and parts solutions. Alatas understands the importance of keeping your operations running productively, our priorities are the safety of your employees and cranes, followed by lowering your costs and turnaround times. Alatas managers are crane specialists with strong technical backgrounds built from holding senior position for crane makers such as LIEBHERR, CARGOTECH and NOV. Liaise with an Alatas service manager to arrange an inspection before your scheduled dry-dock and reduce your turnaround time and associated costs. Alternatively call our offices to get instant advice on technical problems.

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For over 10 years, we have been working on distributing solar power in Germany and Europe. Our impetus is this: do something meaningful, and then enjoy economising sustainably.

There is a lot that must be done - we focussed on the subject of regenerative energy supply a long time ago. Why is it important to us? Quite simply: the prosperity of us all depends on food and water, knowledge and ideas, raw materials and: ENERGY. By using energy, food, water and raw materials can be produced considerably more efficiently. It is the source of our prosperity. We want to preserve this for us all in the long term.

60,000-80,000 megawatts for Germany

There are at least three sectors which are sustainable and practical in the field of energy: energy production from wind and sun and energy efficiency measures. In this respect, we have concentrated on the planning, construction, financing and operation of solar power stations. Germany alone has a meaningful potential for solar energy production of 60,000-80,000 megawatts. There is still a considerable amount to do.

So that we achieve our objective, we would like to install as much energy output as possible and like to work with partners on a professional basis for this reason.

The best thing about solar energy production is that you all benefit from it:

  • The solar operators through solar energy production and their personal consumption,
  • Society through long-term, self-sufficient and more cost-effective energy production,
  • The environment through reduced CO2 emissions and, as a result,
  • Our future generations.

At the end of any discussion, there is just one question: “Do we have an alternative?”

In the first 10 years of our existence, we had to smooth out many obstacles so that no customers are “left standing in the shadows”. This pleases and motivates us to carry on in this manner.

Nationwide, the district town of Tauberbischofsheim with its almost 13,000 inhabitants was previously better known by the Olympic grounds for fencing. But in the meantime, it is now also making a name for itself as a solar town with TAUBER-SOLAR. The medium-sized company began with the first local photovoltaic plants at the end of the 1990s. The name Tauber - the namesake of the river and town - has also been firmly anchored into the company’s name. Today, the company produces more than 130 MWp of climate-friendly solar energy in Germany and Europe. As a result, the company has remained close to its roots, grown slowly and sustained its position as a stable solar company, which has survived the difficulties of the rapidly evolved photovoltaic industry and technology unscathed. To this day, the name TAUBER-SOLAR within the solar industry is a guarantee for high performance, solid and confident work and the best quality.

From the very beginning, TAUBER-SOLAR had in mind a climate-friendly and regenerative energy production to protect the future generations. All three shareholders and managing directors of the TAUBER-SOLAR Holding come from very different professional divisions and have lots of professional experience. For the company’s founders, the aim was not rapid profit, but rather the opportunity to guarantee sustainable regionally produced and environmentally-friendly energy production with the sun. This motivated the company’s founders to further build on the company and to expand the range of services to include efficient solar energy usage. The expansion of regional energy production avoids long power lines, offshore parks on the high seas and giant solar farms in the hot desert. Regional solar energy reduces CO2 emissions many times over, reduces power costs and ensures sustainable and forward-thinking energy production completely in line with TAUBER-SOLAR’s idea: to protect the upcoming generations.

The medium-sized company is still firmly anchored in the region today, supporting a huge range of regional events and associations and has clearly decided on the district town and, as such, the region for its headquarters with the two new company buildings in Siemensstraße (completion of the main building is estimated at the end of 2013).

As operators of large and small solar plants and solar farms in Germany and Europe, the company successfully accomplishes a huge range of different tasks and specialist fields. From the administration, project planning and development through to technical support and customer service, our fields of duties are extremely diverse and specific. The different fields of duties and specialist areas are concentrated into individual groups of companies and organisations for this among other reasons. This creates a taut organisation, “short channels” and the opportunity to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner within the company.

Here is a brief overview of the groups of companies which are responsible for the fields of: customer service, investment, technology, service and maintenance - and consequently for the successful operation of a solar power station.

The solar community at a glance:

TAUBER-SOLAR Management GmbH ensures smooth processing and undertakes:

  • The support of investors & joint venturers
  • The management of the TAUBER-SOLAR Group
  • Consultation & sales
  • The acquisition of rooftops and open spaces
  • The design of solar power stations

TAUBER-SOLAR Servicezentrum
The Servicezentrum TAUBER-SOLAR GmbH guarantees on-going functionality and above-average output of your solar system through:

  • Maintenance & monitoring
  • Compilation of expert reports
  • Retrofit solutions
  • Production of measurement reports
  • Analysis of faults & the taking of measures to rectify faults

TAUBER-SOLAR Energietechnik
TAUBER-SOLAR Energietechnik offers individual solar power stations for your home with solutions for personal consumption:

  • Planning, design and construction
  • Installation of solar power stations on private, commercial and industrial land
  • Installation of state-of-the-art storage solutions for flexible use of power
  • Secure and effective project management

he solar community: be a part of it!

The TAUBER-SOLAR Group plans, finances and operates major solar power plants on rooftops and in open spaces in Germany and the rest of Europe. Since its foundation in 2001, we have already completed over 520 solar power plants, including the largest roof-top plants in the world, which are now providing clean energy.

Despite the negative developments in German energy policy, the TAUBER-SOLAR Group has been able to assert its position on the market and is optimally equipped for the future. Sustainable management, wise investments and clearly defined competences are the essential guarantees for the most unhampered success.

The unconditional desire to promote and realise sustainable energy production really characterises the TAUBER-SOLAR Group. Over 3,000 joint venturers and investors have already been convinced of this and back the ideas of the “solar community”.

Facts & figures

  • Founded in 2001
  • Over 125 MWp installed output
  • 520 solar power stations, including the largest roof-top plants in the world
  • Three open-air power stations in Germany (13 MWp)
  • Five open-air power stations in Spain (10 MWp)
  • Over 3,000 joint venturers and investors
  • Project developments in France and Italy
  • Research funding at the University of Würzburg
  • Winner of the “German Solar Prize 2007”
  • 1st & 2nd world record for roof-top power stations