ALCEN activities in Energy are widely diversified and cover the sectors of oil & gas, nuclear energy, renewable energies and energy storage. ALCEN works in four domains: defence & security, energy, medical and aeronautics. Its ambition is to establish a constant innovation policy in these domains, primarily applied to its own products and services. Wherever possible, they offer innovative solutions. It organizes its teams in structures that are both independent and coordinated, set up around top-level, fully accountable members of staff.

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6, rue Paul Baudry , Paris , 75008 France

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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ALCEN favors converting its different types of business into subsidiaries each centered on a specific technology. ALCEN has set up a method of governance and developed proven expertise in subsidiary management that promotes real internal synergies. Together with technological innovation, this method of organization is the key to its success.


ALCEN possesses a large number of laboratories working on different technologies.  It has developed know-how for collaborating with outside research centers in order to make its ambitions and its resources compatible with each other. Thus, as the years have gone by, it has created close links especially with the CEA, Ifremer (etc) and also with schools and universities.

In its partnership approach, it privileges “applied” research, i.e. research intended for a product that has been specified from the very beginning.

Afterwards, its cultural habits are to apply any new technological knowledge acquired in the partnership to other applications that may be destined to other fields of activity.