Alicat Scientific, Inc.

Alicat Scientific, Inc.

Alicat Scientific makes the world`s fastest mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. With response times as low as 5 ms, expedited delivery and immediate access to applications engineers, Alicat will help you find the right All of our instruments include NIST-traceable calibration and the industry`s only lifetime warranty. Come learn why our products are the best choice for both laboratory and industrial applications. Alicat Scientific`s mass flow devices are NIST traceable and are backed by an unsurpassed history of performance and reliability. We at Alicat have spent the last decade fulfilling our goal of helping customers build reliable, repeatable, and dependable systems incorporating our feature-rich, precision mass flow meters and mass flow controllers. Currently, there are over 50,000 Alicat flow devices in operation around the world.

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7641 N. Business Park Drive , Tucson , Arizona 85743 USA
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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers have been the focus of Alicat Scientific, Inc.'s business since its inception in 1991.
Alicat Scientific is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. (view a copy of Alicat's ISO certificate)

Alicat Scientific has earned a solid reputation by providing accurate and dependable products and never wavering from a strict policy of superior customer support.

Alicat's patented line of mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are being used in a variety of processes. Every day our engineers work with customers to find innovative ways to make their respective systems more efficient and reliable. Companies involved in automotive manufacturing, fuel cell development, environmental testing, leak detection, spray drying, tank blanketing, extra-planetary exploration, atmospheric testing, fiber optics and process gas metering turn to Alicat for mass flow solutions.

Alicat's standard lines of mass flow controller and mass flow meter products are an easy to use and benefit-rich, laminar alternative to more common thermal flow meter and thermal flow controller instruments. The versatility of our gas flow meter and gas flow controller devices is reflected in their numerous standard features. Dynamic graphical displays with mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature data, RS-232 serial output and your choice of an additional analog or current output are all standard. The display also supports easy selection of one of 30 built-in standard gas calibrations for diversified use in lab and field environments.

All Alicat flow controllers and pressure controllers also include field adjustable access to the terms of the PID loop controlling, allowing for easy and precise adjustment of the control response time based on your application.

Alicat liquid flow meter and liquid flow controller lines were designed with laboratory and process automation in mind. These devices utilize the same principles of laminar flow that are used in Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers. Alicat liquid flow meters and liquid flow controllers are available in a variety of ranges.

We at Alicat firmly believe that our success and growth are a direct result of our commitment to our customers. We endeavor to offer our customers a high tech mass flow product that is easy to use while delivering reliable, repeatable, accurate and complete process measurement data. If a customer has specific application requirements or custom product needs, we listen and respond. Simply put, the paramount goal of Alicat Scientific is to deliver what the customer requires in a timely and affordable manner.

Alicat has spent the last 20 years setting the standard for mass flow devices and continues to raise the bar. We at Alicat are committed to our customers and we measure our success based on yours.

Our speed lets you focus on what matters most.

Speed means more responsive readings and more stable flow control. It means talking to a knowledgeable applications engineer within three rings and receiving highly customized instruments in just a few weeks. Speed gives you the freedom to focus on doing what really matters to you, whether that is doubling your production capacity, conducting flow audits in half the time or discovering something brand new before your competitor does.

Made in the USA since 1991

More than 100,000 Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments are in operation around the world. They help monitor the air you breathe, prepare the food you eat, build the products you buy and make the world a safer place. Our product lines include mass flow meters and mass flow controllers, pressure controllers and digital pressure gauges for gases and liquids.