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AlkaViva LLC

Since 2002, we`ve come to work every day with one goal in mind: offering you the best products and providing the best service in an honest and ethical manner. 15 years, combined with our Better Business Bureau A rating prove it. We are able to source the best of the best, ensuring you get the latest, top performing, cutting edge ionization and filtration technology available anywhere...period! Our commitment to you is to continue to lead by offering the best performing, most durable ionizers and filtration products at the best value. At the heart of our commitment is our unmatched passion for the cleanest, healthiest water available. With a Dealer Network in over 30 countries (and growing), we know that AlkaViva Dealers are an essential and valued part of our business. AlkaViva is the longest-term importer in the USA with water ionizer dealers in over 30 countries worldwide.

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Ste. C, 8745 Technology Way , Reno , NV 89521 USA
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

We invite you to join us. We think you’ll like what you find. We know you’ll love our products and most importantly, our water. We always especially welcome those customers who research. We know that after all the research is done that smart shoppers end up buying from AlkaViva.

We don't just say we are the #1 water ionizer manufacturer. We prove it!

An ionizer is a serious investment, so who you buy from is important. We are oldest direct importer in the USA. Between our two founding partners you get over 30 years of USA-specific ionizer industry expertise. Virtually all our USA competitors started with us as dealers including Life IonizersTM, Tyent, Echo and Chanson. We have helped develop and launch major new ionization technology that have been emulated by many others, such as mesh plates and improved cleaning systems. We have been instrumental in launching and supplying ionization components for commercial applications. Most notably, we supply Tennant Company, water cells for their Ec-H2O floor cleaning product line. Ec-H2O was the first commercially successful application of ionization technology and has won numerous international awards.

Here is a sampling of industry-first innovations AlkaViva has brought to market:

Electrode Technology Advancements:

  • First to launch mesh electrodes.
  • Robotically sprayed platinum coating technique that results in precise and highly uniform electrode surface.
  • Introduced the new Smart Electrodes which deliver the highest efficiency and performance in producing ORP and H2 alteration.
  • The only company to offer proprietary membrane technology.

Cleaning System Advancements:

  • Introduced the first automatic reverse cleaning system - MARC. A single reversible motor driven system that creates a 1:1, acid to alkaline cleaning ratio, to protect ionizers from damaging scale build-up. It eliminates the need to wait during cleaning.
  • Launched DARC the first dual solenoid-driven automatic reverse cleaning system with the highly effective 1:1, acid to alkaline cleaning ratio, with no wait while cleaning.
  • Launched DARC II Cleaning System – we improved DARC by eliminating the two solenoids and their metal actuators (which are susceptible to scaling) and replaced them with non-scaling ceramic offering better durability.

Filtration Advancements:

  • First ionizer company to offer USA-made (non-Asian) filters.
  • First ionizer filter capable of handling chloramine and heavy metals.
  • First multiple media-bed ionizer filter.
  • Launched the first dual filter ionizer model.
  • The only water ionizer manufacturer to offer onboard (internal) scale inhibiting technology.
  • Unsurpassed UltraWater Filtration Technology.
  • More external pretreatment options to handle a wide range of unique water quality issues.
  • The first water ionizer manufacturer in USA to offer non-electric ionization technology.

Independent Testing:


Together, our OEM partners offer 69 years of ionizer manufacturing. They both hold ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, own patents too numerous to list, and have won many awards for their business practices and products. Both are firmly rooted in ongoing research and development and in quality management practices.

You can trust that our history, experience, knowledge and partnerships allow us to source top performing products from the best manufacturers in the world. Manufacturers that carry the best certifications and the latest cutting edge technology - ensuring you will make the best purchase.


For 14+ years the water professionals at AlkaViva have been pioneers in the world ionizer market.

  • Virtually all our USA competitors started with us as dealers, including Life IonizersTM, Tyent, and Chanson.
  • We understand more about ionization and filtration technology in the USA market than anyone.
  • AlkaViva is the only company to offer industry-best filtration that is proudly USA-made in our Reno, NV headquarters.
  • We are also the only company with an in-house R&D staff.