ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. is the largest privately held crane rental and sales operation in North America. Our fleet is one of the world’s largest, most modern, and most technologically advanced. In 1964, the Liptak family recognized the potential for a crane rental market. Prior to this, contractors usually owned their own equipment—and all the headaches and expense of maintenance. So, with one crane, a family company began and has grown into the largest privately owned crane sales and rental enterprise in North America: ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corporation.

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4700 Acorn Drive , Independence , Ohio 44131 USA

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Construction & Construction Materials
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Internationally (various countries)
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Over 1000

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • We serve our customers better, helping to make them more productive, efficient, and profitable!
  • Our fleet is one of the world's largest, most modern, and most technologically advanced, including truck cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, aerial equipment, and anything else that lifts you higher.
  • The ALL Family of Companies has more than 1,400 employees spread throughout locations in 13 states and Ontario and Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.
  • Our continental power is coupled with local service. The industry's largest fleet is spread out across all of our local yards. That means: Cranes travel shorter distances to get to your job-and you save money. We're there 24/7 if you need service. And in rare cases, if a crane is needed and not available locally, we'll get it there. We'll never rent you a crane that's not right for the job.
  • In-field technical support makes sure you have the right equipment on the job.
  • We continually reinvest in our business - in the past three years we have purchased 700 pieces of new equipment.
  • Not only do we buy the best equipment year after year, but we also invest in our people, conducting rigorous technician training programs that surpass any industry requirement.
  • Safety is paramount, and smarter usually translates into safer. Our safety supervisors enforce our safety programs and oversee our regular safety audits.

We're ALL for You

Make sure you choose a crane rental company that not only offers a broad range of cranes, but also has the depth of expertise to recommend the correct type and capacity of crane for your job. Our crane experts' experience ensures increased productivity, job site efficiency, cost reduction, and a safe work environment.

The ALL Family of Companies is committed to providing you with top-notch equipment and outstanding service. Since 1964, we've been true to our family values of reliability, hard work, and foresight, able to anticipate and meet the changing needs of every client and every job.

The ALL Family of Companies has always believed in constant improvement, whether it's in our people, our equipment, our safety program, or finding a better way to do things. We'll never stop trying to serve you better.

The largest privately owned crane sales and rental company in North America started with one crane … and one family with a vision.

It was 1964 when Michael C. Liptak, Jr. and his brothers, Jake and Larry, first recognized the need for the equipment rental industry. Mike and Jake had been working in the quarries, running cranes. Larry had just returned from serving in the Army. The brothers, along with Mike’s wife, Marvine, knew that contractors usually owned their equipment, including all the headaches and expense of maintaining it. And that expensive equipment on their books didn’t necessarily pay for itself very fast.

The light bulb went on.

In a flash of entrepreneurial clarity, the Liptak brothers bought themselves a crane and began renting it. Marvine provided administrative support. The fleet began to grow with cranes and trucks they bought and sold at auctions … and a family business, not to mention a new industry, was born.

By backing their business with hard work, reliable products, and outstanding customer service, they believed they had laid the foundation for a company that would stand the test of time.

Over the years, the brothers built their own engine shop, weld shop, paint shop, and other support in order to service and maintain all their own equipment.

They acquired other established crane companies to help serve their growing customer base, and the family company became The ALL Family of Companies. Central Contactors Service in Chicago joined in 1977. Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental in Wisconsin joined in 1978. Jeffers Crane Service in Ohio and Michigan joined in 1995. Today, the company’s many strategic locations dot the map.

The Liptak family’s drive to succeed, their dedication to each other and the business, and their pride in their reliability and exceptional customer service didn’t go unrewarded. Today, ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. is a world-class organization with over 1,400 dedicated employees and thousands of satisfied customers, with locations in 13 U.S. states as well as Ontario and Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

The ALL Family of Companies today still thinks and works like a family, thanks to the combined efforts of several generations of Liptaks and the dedicated team they have assembled. The original founders remain active in day-to-day operations, and second- and third-generation family members can be found in a variety of roles throughout the company.

The original vision of a dynamic, forward-thinking company, able to anticipate and meet the changing needs of its customers, has flourished. The ALL Family of Companies’ global reach, customized local support, and commitment to investing in long-term incremental growth have made them a world leader in lift equipment.