Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER)

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER)

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER)

The Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER) is a Moldovan NGO founded on May 14, 2007 as a follow-up of USAID-funded Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency (MUNEE) Program, implemented in Moldova during 2001-2007 by the Alliance to Save Energy, USA-based organization. The goal of AEER is to contribute to the promotion of strategies and policies in the field of energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy resources (RES) and environment protection. For this AEER applies a comprehensive bottom-up and top-down approach to energy efficiency that covers four key areas such as: (a)Support to energy policy reform (b) Support to Local Public Authorities; (C) Public awareness and outreach on end-use energy efficiency. AEER is an official supporter of EU movement “Covenant of Mayors” ; AEER serves as a secretariat for the Moldovan Network of Energy Communities including 40 towns in RM; AEER is a main partner of the Republican Union of Housing Associations.

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78, Vasile Alecsandri St. Office 510 , Chisinau , 2012 Moldova
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Business Type:
Non-governmental organization (NGO)
Industry Type:
Energy - Climate Change
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:

Objectives: To pursue the above goal, AEER established the following objectives in its By-Laws:

  • conduct research, develop policy recommendations to promote EE, RES, and environment protection;
  • organize seminars, conferences, meetings, courses, etc. for the national and local governments, suppliers and consumers to reach AEER goals;
  • analyze the social and legal challenges faced by the energy sector of Moldova and which have an direct impact on the population's quality of life;
  • create the electronic and paper libraries on EE, RES and environmental issues;
  • publish a trilingual bulletins (Romanian, Russian, English) to cover the local and international EE, RES, and environment news;
  • cooperate with residential sector, Home-owners Associations to implement EE, improve the indoor comfort and reduce the energy bills;
  • assist the socially vulnerable households in designing and implementing EE measures;
  • provide EE and RES consulting, analysis, evaluations and monitoring in all social economic sectors;
  • share information and provide assistance to local and foreign parties willing to promote EE and RES in Moldova;
  • cooperate with local public authorities and IFIs in pursuit of investments in EE, RES and environment protection;
  • implement demonstration projects to illustrate the social, economic and environmental benefits of EE and RES measures;
  • draft, implement, evaluate and monitor various local and national projects to develop the social, economic and human potential of Moldova as to attain the goals of the AEER;
  • safeguard a forum to facilitate the dialogue between the sectors' stakeholders, etc.
  • carry out other activities as deemed appropriate by the Administration Counsel.

Accomplishments to date:

Regulatory Reform:

  • drafted the Law on RES for Moldova. The Law passed on July 12, 2007. Contract granted by EU TACIS;
  • drafted the Energy Efficiency Programme for Moldova in partnership with European experts under the Japan PHRD Assistance Program for Preparation of the Second Poverty Reduction Poverty reduction Support Credit;
  • working on the draft EE Law, draft Government Decision to approve the AEE and its structure; Revolving Fund for the Republic of Moldova. Contract granted by ENSI as part of Norwegian TA for RM;
  • participate in the Interdepartmental Renewable Commission under the Academy of Science of Moldova.


  • conducted a research on the structure, capacity and authorities of European agencies in charge of regulation and promotion of renewable energy resources, adequate investment projects and financing mechanisms in assistance to the Moldovan Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure;
  • biogas installation at landfill in Ungheni municipality;
  • biodiesel project (suggested creating a PPP) in the municipality of Edient;
  • residential EE programs for the municipalities of Chisinau and Ungheni. As part of this AEER suggested an EE financial scheme for residential buildings and identified the potential investors for this purpose; etc.

Capacity-Building and Awareness

  • organized a study tour to Bucharest, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria for the Moldovan Government as to learn about the EE and RES institutional framework, legislation and Revolving Funds in place. Contract granted as part of the Norwegian assistance for Moldova;
  • assisted the EU TACIS Program in Moldova organize a tour to the Romanian municipalities and national government for the officials from Moldova to study the Romanian experience in promotion of energy efficiency, energy management, use of renewable energy resources;
  • organized a study tour for the municipalities from Moldova to Poland. Contract financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland as part of the Programme 'Polish Aid'; event organized in cooperation with Energy Cite from Krakow;
  • disseminated the EE financing mechanism papers and case studies of EE projects implemented by municipalities from Europe to the local authorities of Ungheni, Balti, Floresti, Chisinau, etc.;
  • provided the Ministry of Local Governments of Moldova with the materials about EE Municipal Programs implemented in EU;
  • assisted with creation of the E-library for public utilities consumers; completed the legal analysis and suggested the creation of a database, including EE in the context of public utilities for the 'Administrator' Republican Union for Housing Development under the SOROS Grant Contract;
  • organized a series of events in regions on EE and RES promotion;
  • published a series of articles on EE and RES use; EU Directives; institutional and legal framework;
  • keeping the database of municipalities mayors and their key contacts for EE and RES dissemination purposes, etc.