Alliant Castings

Alliant Castings

Alliant Castings manufactures abrasion and impact resistant castings. Our custom-produced castings are built for extreme performance. Applying the latest technologies, we create proprietary materials to meet our clients’ most demanding specifications. With over 125 years’ experience in wear cast parts, we take pride in delivering intelligent solutions at a competitive price, with shorter lead times and exceptional customer service.

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1200 West Third Street , Winona , Minnesota 55987 USA

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A Proud History

Founded in 1885 as Diamond Huller, our company has served American industry for over 100 years. While we have constantly updated our technologies to meet the demands of a growing economy, we have always remained faithful to our Midwestern roots and the core values of service, craftsmanship, hard work and integrity. Our recent investments in state-of-the-art technologies and updated management systems are preparing us for new challenges, as we look forward to another century of productive service.

Alliant Castings is a manufacturer of precision cast products delivered with speed.

We serve our customers, employees, suppliers and community through:

  • Engaged & Skilled Employees
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Sustainability & Growth


The Sioux Indian Nation occupied the Mississippi River Valley in 1885, the year Alliant Castings began as Diamond Huller to manufacture feed grinders and corn shellers for the escalating agricultural industry of the Upper Midwest.

100 years later, our focus is on the manufacturing of abrasion resistant iron alloy castings for worldwide distribution.

Our dedication to continual updates in casting technology, alloys, and equipment allows us to deliver the highest quality castings our industry can provide.

Because of our adherence to a pristine work ethic, Alliant customers are assured of efficient service and value second to none.