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  • Insenergy Services

    Insenergy Services

    This division focuses on Inspection and Testing, Proactive Reliability Maintenance, and Energy Audit.

  • Computerized Motor Rewinding Services

    Computerized Motor Rewinding Services

    A semiconductor in Canlubang, Laguna secured ALPS MSI CMR services after the motor user experiences frequent burnt motor. The following are motor specifications: 250HP, 2 Pole, TEFC Standard Motor has an efficiency of 92.9% at 100% motor load. The compressor motor operates 8,400 hours per year; electricity rate is Php 11.00 per kWhr; and the salvage value is 10%.

  • Mechanical and Diagnostic Maintenance Services

    Mechanical and Diagnostic Maintenance Services

    'Finding mechanical problems before they become a catastrophic failure' This division focuses on mechanical and diagnostic maintenance utilizing the latest technologies for advance diagnosis such as vibration analysis by identifying potential costly problems in the infancy stage or to determine mechanical health condition of rotating machinery. All vibration related problems will be quality base on ISO 10816-3 Vibration Severity Chart....

  • Marine Vibration Analysis & Alignment Services

    Marine Vibration Analysis & Alignment Services

    Ship owners are constantly seeking new, safe and cost effective methods for Surveys and Repair. M/VAAS provides efficient and innovative inspection, maintenance and repair services to the Marine Transportation Industry.