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Computerized Motor Rewinding Services

A semiconductor in Canlubang, Laguna secured ALPS MSI CMR services after the motor user experiences frequent burnt motor. The following are motor specifications: 250HP, 2 Pole, TEFC Standard Motor has an efficiency of 92.9% at 100% motor load. The compressor motor operates 8,400 hours per year; electricity rate is Php 11.00 per kWhr; and the salvage value is 10%.


  • Efficient motor uses less energy
  • Reduce your operational expense in electricity bills,
  • Increase equipment reliability, and
  • Peace of Mind

Why choose ALP MSI?
When rewinding a motor designed after the mid-1960s, it is best to redesign it for the voltage that will actually be applied. Applying higher than rated voltage could over-saturate the core, causing the current and temperature to rise. No load current also could be higher than nameplate current, resulting in “nuisance tripping” of motor protectors. Applying a lower voltage weakens the motor and could cause it to pull a high current at rated load.

ALPS MSI has the expertise and capabilities to restore motor efficiency. We have the software to redesign or verify AC motor winding, computerize motor rewinding machine – we pioneered it. SAMATIC 6000R motor tester complete with surge comparison, DC Hi-Pot, resistance test, and rotor bar test. We are equipment with professional bearing tools and have the expertise in bearing applications. Our Acoem MVP 2C vibration analyzer diagnoses any mechanical problems on the motor or its drive system. Fixturlaser NXA Alignment System is used for precision alignment.

EASA AC Motor Redesign
Winding Data Winding Data
Figure 1, is motor winding data as found and new data. The turns/coil of ‘as found’ were not equal resulting increase in winding temperature, bearing lubrication dried up and damaged the stator lamination as shown in Figure 2.
The original nameplate voltage was 440V and its actual supply voltage is 460V. Voltage variance was at 4.62% closer to the limit of 5% IEC 600034-1 for continuous operation.
Operating at over voltage can have an additional “side” effect that is not often considered. As the voltage increases above the nominal level, the slip of the rotor decreases by the square of the voltage.

Test Results

ALPS MSIis the only rewinding shops in the Philippines that utilize computerize motor rewinding machine as shown in Figure 4.
Test Results

  • Redesign/Restore AC Motor Winding Data
  • Repair of AC/DC Motors, Replacement/Restore Defective Components
  • Motor Rewinding using Computerized Motor Rewinding Machine


  • Automatic Wire Guidance in a manner that assures perfect layer winding, Guaranteed no crossovers
  • Automatic Wire Tensioning; and
  • Ease of Coil insertion into slots due to zero crossovers, a major time savings with consistent high quality of coils.

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