ALTEK Europe Ltd

ALTEK Europe Ltd

ALTEK is a technology-based company with specialist expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium dross and scrap processing systems. Our engineers have, between them, over 200 years of international experience in developing and refining solutions to dross and scrap recycling. They are a unique skill resource for our worldwide customers.

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Lakeside House Burley Close , Chesterfield , Derbyshire S40 2UB United Kingdom

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)

ALTEK’s engineers use advanced 3D design/modelling software to design, manufacture, and install TARDIS Gen II Dross Press Technology, Electromagnetic 'Air-Cooled' Furnace Stirring Systems (Bottom or Side Mounted), Electromagnetic Scrap Submergence & Liquid Transfer Systems, Cast Steel Dross Pans & Salt Slag Bins, Cast Steel Sow Moulds (Standard & Bespoke Designs), Tilt Type Rotary (TTRF) (Partnership with Mechatherm International Ltd), ALUSALT (Onsite Salt Slag Recycling Plant), Furance Tending Machines (Under License with Tomorrow Technology for US Market).

ALTEK’s engineers use advanced 3D design/modelling software to design, manufacture, and install:

  • Dross press and cooling equipment (including TARDIS Dross Press and Cooling technology)
  • Electromagnetic 'air cooled' stirring systems for all types and shapes of furnaces
  • Specialized RHINO cast steel containers for handling aluminium drosses and salt cake
  • Tilt Type Rotary Furnaces – TTRF®
  • Furnace tending machines (under licence with Tomorrow Technology)

To provide our customers with the best technology and knowledge to meet their needs through a deep understanding of their production processes, operation, equipment and operational cost and profitability requirements. To treat our customers as partners and to take full responsibility for our equipment and its performance. To use our process and engineering expertise and experience to move towards the goal of zero waste in dross handling. Our aim is TOTAL DROSS MANAGEMENT solutions to the aluminium industry.

The 'new ALTEK' was formed ALTEK was formed in 2007 from the original MDY and ALTEK companies that had been acquired by the current ALTEK shareholders in 2004. Some of the original products and technologies had been developed and integrated into the new ALTEK to support some of its new product developments also. Including in 2006, embarking on a new venture, signing a Licence Agreement with RPC-MHD for exclusive rights and to become sole licensee for Air-Cooled, Electromagnetic Stirring Technology (SIBERFORCE) inductor technology. ALTEK continued to grow with the acquisition in 2009 of J M McIntyre Ltd, manufacturers of the TARDIS Dross Press range and its first task was to to consolidate and update the two different technologies, the result of which was the TARDIS Gen II Dross Press technology. To further develop and consolidate its expertise in the field of induction technology in, 2013 ALTEK acquired a specialist UK induction technology company, Inductelec Ltd., and invested in a range of modelling software and have established themselves as experts in the sphere of magnetic hydrodynamics with multiple research projects in operation. ALTEKS’s aggressive approach to technology development is demonstrated by its significant R+D spend of over €5 million (last 5 years) on a variety of research and development projects including onsite salt slag recycling, electromagnetic technologies and the next generation of dross press technologies.