Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA)

Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA)

Collection and recycling of packaging waste throughout Austria. Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA) was founded in 1993 and organizes the collection and recovery of waste packaging materials all over Austria. As a service company, ARA provides a wide array of services to all companies that are affected by the Austrian Packaging Ordinance. License partners of ARA are granted the exclusive right to use the `Dot` on the packaged products. The ARA System has become an established and well recognized consulting service provider in the field of waste management. Within the last years the ARA System carried out numerous projects in various European countries as well as in Asia. Customers for consulting projects in waste management are governmental, national or EU authorities and institutions as well as privately owned recovery systems.

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Mariahilfer Strasse 123 , Vienna , A-1062 Austria
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:

Altstoff Recycling Austria AG is Austria’s leading collection and recovery system for packaging. We use the revenues from license fees to organise and finance the collection, sorting and recovery of packaging waste in Austria. Our modern collection and recovery system for all types of packaging is available to consumers and businesses all across the country. The compliance service for glass packaging is co-organised by ARA AG and AGR GmbH, the collection and recovery system for glass packaging.

ARA AG is a stock corporation, with the non-profit association Altstoff Recycling Austria being the majority shareholder. Any enterprise that manufactures or imports packaging or trades in packaged goods can become a member (and thus co-owner) of the association. Only waste disposal companies are excluded from joining the association.

To ensure that the three main interest groups are equally represented, the ARA association is divided into three sections: manufacturers, packers/fillers/importers, and wholesaler/retailers of packaging.

ARA AG’s ownership structure also reflects this division into three groups, and all nine packaging materials are equally represented within the group of packaging manufacturers in line with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance. The companies representing the individual packaging materials hold a share of 3.7 % each, either indirectly as members of the ARA association or through a separate body.

While the manufacturers of packaging made of paper, plastics, metal (ferrous metal and aluminium) and wood chose to set up separate entities, the manufacturers of other packaging are exclusively represented by the ARA association.


Our core business is to offer compliance services under the Austrian Packaging Ordinance for all packaging materials from households and the commercial sector. ARA operates one of the leading collection and recovery systems in Europe, a system it established together with its partners for the collection, diversion, sorting and recovery of packaging waste throughout Austria. We also offer innovative waste management solutions to customers in Austria and abroad.

Customers and Owners

ARA was established and is ultimately owned by the companies and organisations to which the Austrian Packaging Ordinance pertains. We offer the same terms and conditions to all customers and act in the best interest of ARA’s owners and to the benefit of ARA’s license partners. The company goals are stated in ARA’s mission statement and guiding principles. Our customer relations are based on transparency, accountability and trust.

Efficiency Principle

By providing our customers with compliance services at a low cost in the long term, we aim for market and price leadership in a competitive environment. ARA operates on a non-profit basis in the core business, while at the same time observing sound business principles with maximum efficiency and cost transparency.

Operational Partners

ARA works together with numerous partners and uses the advantages of competition in its procurement policy. The smooth cooperation with our partners – city and municipal governments, waste management associations and private-sector waste disposal and recovery companies – in combination with a strong capacity for innovation forms the basis for the success, efficiency and acceptance of our collection and recovery system.


ARA’s employees represent the company and its values and goals in all contacts with customers and partners. Competent, responsible, reliable and flexible, our staff help maintain a company culture which is based on mutual respect at both the internal and external levels.

Company Environment

ARA’s business activities help protect the environment and make an active contribution to climate protection. In addition to providing secondary raw materials and energy sources for recycling, ARA supports the prevention of waste. We are continually working on minimising the environmental impact of the collection, diversion, sorting and recovery of packaging waste. We are also working hard to achieve a high level of acceptance among consumers, businesses, administrators, decision-makers and politicians, above all by providing them with information.

Corporate Governance

ARA is committed to open communications and mutual trust between the company’s management and its employees. All goals are well defined; all tasks and responsibilities are clearly assigned. In our dealings with each other – including dealing with criticism – we are open, constructive and solution-oriented. Independent action and cross-departmental thinking are encouraged and supported.

Quality Goals

ARA commits to the principles of legal and contractual compliance. As a quality-oriented company, ARA always aims to improve its performance, and in doing so also reviews the economic impact of its quality and environmental goals, which are set at regular intervals.