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  • Paper Packaging

    Paper Packaging

    In 2011, ARA AG collected 335,805 tonnes of paper packaging, which represents a decline by 6,979 tonnes (or –2.0 %) from 2010. This decrease can be explained by a lower amount of waste collected with the commercial system. With around 1,100,000 collection bins throughout the country, ARA‘s paper collection scheme is highly convenient. The containers are placed in designated public areas (bring system) or directly at the doorstep (pick-up...

  • Light-Weight Packaging

    Light-Weight Packaging

    ARA AG collected 220,136 tonnes of light-weight packaging from households, businesses and industry. There are two household schemes: In around 60 % of Austria, packaging made of plastic or composite materials are collected in yellow bags and bins together with packaging made of wood, textiles, ceramics and biodegradable material.