Ambiental Risk Analytics

Ambiental Risk Analytics

Seventeen years ago, a group of scientists, mathematicians and statisticians from Cambridge University agreed that we had to do better at understanding flood risk. We needed a different type of model to understand the impacts of climate change, ever-evolving cities, shifting populations and changing landscapes. At Ambiental Risk Analytics we combine advanced flood modelling, predictive analytics, machine learning and razor-sharp intellectual skills to give organisations the critical insight they need into flooding and flood risk. We have offices in the UK and Australia. Our clients work around the world. Here`s how we`ve supported them in managing flood risk.

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Sussex Innovation Centre , Brighton , BN1 9SB United Kingdom
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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)


We listen closely to what you want to do, both right now and in the future. We then discuss your priorities and how a solution should support your business goals. We aren’t only flood experts; we have deep systems and database knowledge which we use to rethink systems and processes too.


By thinking critically and laterally, we explore how we can source, merge, model and interrogate data to solve your current issues, cut data costs, and unearth new opportunities. Combining expertise in predictive analytics and machine learning, we devise solutions that give you the insight to make better decisions.


Using high-quality data from multiple sources we work with respected partners to develop tools that give you what you need, and merge with your processes. We work as part of consortia and form partnerships to give you access to the best possible products and data.

Find out about the beliefs that underpin our work

Technology, imagination and partnerships allow us to better understand flood risk around the world. Together, they improve accuracy in predicting, preventing and planning for flood events.


This is the foundation of what we do, and through our work we strive to make it possible for others to be more accurate too.


We create products that can be made to work for organisations of different sizes, with different budgets and different needs.


Remaining open to new technologies and partnerships helps us to support our vision and improve the products and services that we can give our clients.


We continually refine our models, our data and our skills. We consider new approaches, new technologies and how advances in other areas can add value to what we do.


Our goal is to create technologies and products that improve the safety and security of people, property, assets and investments.