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AIChE is the world`s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 60,000 members from more than 110 countries. AIChE has the breadth of resources and expertise you need whether you are in core process industries or emerging areas, such as translational medicine. As a member, you can access information on recognized and promising chemical engineering processes and methods. Connect with a global network of intelligent, resourceful colleagues and their shared wisdom. Find learning opportunities from recognized authorities. Move forward professionally with AIChE and enrich the world we live in.

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120 Wall Street, FL 23 , New York , New York 10005-4020 USA

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Professional association
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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Fine Chemicals
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Globally (various continents)
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AIChE's Vision is to Provide Value as:
  • The Global Leader of the chemical Engineering profession,
  • The Lifetime Center for professional & personal growth, and security of chemical engineers,
  • The Foremost Catalyst in applying chemical engineering expertise in meeting societal needs.
AIChE Mission:
  • Promote excellence in chemical engineering education and global practice
  • Advance the development and exchange of relevant knowledge
  • Uphold and advance the profession's standards, ethics and diversity
  • Promote safety in every aspect of chemical engineering
  • Enhance the lifelong career development and financial security of chemical engineers through products, services, networking, and advocacy
  • Stimulate collaborative efforts among industry, universities, government, and professional societies
  • Encourage other engineering and scientific professionals to participate in AIChE activities;
  • Advocate public policy that embraces sound technical and economic information and that represents the interest of chemical engineers
  • Facilitate public understanding of technical issues; and
  • Achieve excellence in operations of the Institute.

Founded in 1908, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a nonprofit organization providing leadership to the chemical engineering profession. Representing more than 50,000 members in industry, academia, and government, AIChE provides forums to advance the theory and practice of the profession, upholds high professional standards and ethics, and supports excellence in education.

Institute members range from undergraduate students, to entry-level engineers, to chief executive officers of major corporations. Fields of specialization include refining, petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, pulp and paper, ceramics, electronic components and chemicals, biotechnology, environmental control and clean-up, and safety engineering.

AIChE Financial Statements

AIChE’s net assets increased in 2016 by $6.64 million, with Operations contributing $4.1 million toward the increase. The Publications and Meetings business segments both exceeded their budgets, delivering $3.3M and $3.1M, respectively. The Foundation’s Doing a World of Good campaign also exceeded budget, contributing $1.7M to the operating profit, while General & Administrative expenses of $4.3M partially offset the gains. Below the operating line, investment activity increased overall results by $1.6 million. There was also a favorable adjustment to the legacy Pension Plan of $0.3M, resulting primarily from an increase in the market value of the pension plan assets, bringing our Plan to a 78.3% funded level at year-end. The Postretirement medical and life plan was restructured in 2016, resulting in a credit of $0.6M. The 2016 net asset level was $23.6 million at year-end.

In today’s global economy, chemical engineers need access to information and support no matter where they live and work. With members in 100 countries, AIChE provides a global network of professionals with the support and technical information engineers like you need.

On this page you can access global membership rates, see content (webinars, articles, etc.) with an international perspective, and a list of chemical engineering-related conferences taking place worldwide.

Global Directory Search

Find members and chemical engineers from around the globe using AIChE Engage, the new mobile-friendly community discussion platform that connects members with each other and their chemical-engineering communities.

Leading With More Than 100 Years of Achievements

Following is a timeline of some of the continuing changes in AIChE membership, professional activities and organizational practices during the Institute’s existence – with special recognition to the people whose efforts brought those changes to fruition.