American Peat Technology, LLC

American Peat Technology, LLC

Founded in 2003, American Peat Technology, LLC. (APT) recognized a market need for a media to be used in the inoculant industry. This realization led to the development of our BioAPT products. A need was also recognized for a low cost ion exchange media to be used in the wastewater treatment industry. The development of a peat based ion exchange media was a slow process; one that has taken many years to accomplish. Harnessing the ion exchange mechanism inherent in a reed sedge peat, APT was able to develop an effective process yielding a low cost ion exchange media (APTsorb). BioAPT is available in two forms, a granular product and a finely ground powder product. APT developed a process specially designed for our customer`s needs that involves the processing of peat into a material that is specifically designed to function as microbial carrier.

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36203 350th Avenue , Aitkin , MN 56431 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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American Peat Technology, LLC is a privately held company, located in Aitkin Minnesota, just over two hours North of the Twin Cities.  Our primary focus is on the development and production of environmentally beneficial products based on using reed sedge peat.  Our product lines are diverse, covering many different applications and serving various industries.

We located in Aitkin County, with the help of Dave Hasskamp with Aitkin County Growth, to be near the large quantities of reed sedge peat available in the area. A majority of the investors are local to the Aitkin area, and almost all of them reside in Minnesota.


Our vision is to lead in “peat technology” by engineering peat conversion processes that add copious amounts of value to peat allowing peat to have a positive impact on our environment in the growth of beneficial organisms and recapturing of harmful compounds.


Our mission is to provide value added solutions by re-engineering peat (a natural resource) that enriches and environmentally advances soil conditions when growing legumes and recapturing environmentally unsafe heavy metals through engineered ion-exchange technology.

APT was founded with many commitments identified that have been acted upon over the past many years.These commitments include providing the best peat based products and service to our customers for a fair and economical price, providing a safe, beneficial and stimulating work environment for our employees, protecting and enriching our community and by providing an acceptable financial return over the long haul to our share holders.  These commitments have grown into principles that govern how we operate and conduct business. Our Commitments, coupled with our Mission and Vision, provide clear direction forward as we continue to develop the Company and interact with all our stakeholders.  From our investors to our customers, our employees to our local and global communities, our stakeholders are the ones who move the Company forward.It is the stakeholders who allow APT the Ability to Grow.

Our Local Community

APT does its best to support the local communities in which we operate.  Over 85% of our expenditures take place in our local community, showing our desire to utilize local suppliers and vendors when feasible.  APT has desire to improve our local community’s quality of life with our operations.  We anticipate a long tenure in the communities we operate with in, so it makes sense to be as much a part of the community as we can be.  We enjoy supporting local activities and events and sharing in the positive growth of our community.  Many of those involved with the company are also personally active in various organizations in the community.

  • Jerry Holm (Cherie Holm), Board Member/Shareholder – Jacques Art Center
  • Dave Hasskamp, Shareholder – Aitkin County Growth     Aitkin County Growth is also a shareholder

Our Global Community

With the ever-expanding business environment, being a global player is increasingly important.  Just as important, is ensuring that APT is having a positive impact in all geographic locations we serve.  We currently are primarily focused in North America, but strategic business planning for the future includes further expanding efforts outside of North America where we currently support customers in South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  We may not have a direct impact, but it is our desire for our products to have the positive impact we envisioned during our research and development phases.  Our intent is not to change the world, but offer the world better solutions to its environmental issues.

Exceptional Care for Exceptional Customers

APT prides itself in providing exceptional care and service to its customers.  In everything we do, we consider our customer’s needs first!  From utilizing new peat resources to changing the production process, we make sure our customers will receive the same high quality products they have come to expect at the best cost possible.  We have put stringent quality control measures in place to ensure a consistent and quality product is delivered to our customers in a timely fashion.  Success lies in being a consistent and proven supplier, and we aim to do just that.  Our goal is for our customers to have a high degree of confidence in APT and its products and to have our customers freely advise us on how we can improve their experience with APT as well as what additional services we could provide for them.

Of particular focus for APT is insuring an uninterruptable supply of product for our customers since we are market leaders and supply our products to over 90% of the markets we serve.  This means that APT efforts are substantial when it comes to having in place over 120 years of permitted peat reserves and current ability to triple our production capacity overnight.  In addition, we have over 400 years of additional reserves identified, tested and available as well as current offsite production expansion in the works.  APT is committed to our customers’ needs and potential growth.

Developing the Future through Employee Development

APT has not only made a commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable work place to its employees, but also to provide opportunities for growth and development.  APT’s unique operation (see Plant Operations) requires highly skilled and motivated employees.  We have a very talented workforce, made up of individuals with various backgrounds, skill sets, and ideas.  These individuals have come together to form a very effective team of qualified people.

Professional Development

APT encourages its employees to continue their professional development.  We have a tuition reimbursement policy in place to help and encourage our employees to earn a further degree or certificate.  APT also regularly offers the employees both internal and external educational and training opportunities to improve their skill sets.

Personal Development

APT also recognizes that successful development is not just professionally related, but personally as well.  We encourage our employees to be active in the community and support them in doing so through sponsorships and contributions.  We also offer a matching contribution to charitable donations the employees make.

Developing Environmentally Beneficial Products.

APT is dedicated to providing cost effective peat based products that are environmentally beneficial. We believe that through these products our company, along with our customers, can take part in providing solutions that will enhance the sustainability of the environment in the future.

Concern for the environment and the idea that the natural characteristics of peat can be used to create cost effective, environmentally beneficial products are the very cornerstones upon which American Peat Technology has been built.  APT continues to pursue environmentally beneficial products both in house and through partnerships developed with likeminded companies.

These ideals have led to the development of BioAPT, a series of microbial carriers that allow increased crop yields while diminishing the need for commercial fertilizers.  Research by our customers, in tandem with our own R&D group, is yielding new products that control insects, mold, and crop diseases.  In all of these applications, the central idea is to use peat as a carrier of a beneficial organism replacing the need for toxic chemicals.

Another major APT accomplishment has led to the harnessing of the natural ion exchange capacity that reed sedge peat provides.  This capacity has been made accessible by the conversion of the parent peat into a strong granular media, APTsorb.  Many heavy metal contaminations of 5 ppm or less can now be addressed with a product that can outperform fossil fuel based ion exchange resins costing up to 20 times the price.

Conducting Environmentally Responsible Operations.

It is not enough to produce environmentally beneficial products, especially if the process is not environmentally responsible or sustainable.  At APT, we continually pursue responsible and sustainable ways of conducting our operations.  In late 2010, we finished a large expansion of our production facility.  In the process, we converted our primary drying operation to utilize biomass instead of fossil fuels.  This conversion reduced our carbon footprint by 75%, and in Phase 2 of the project, we will complete the conversion of our secondary drying step to use this same biomass fuel source.

In addition to our production improvements, we are actively pursuing sustainable harvesting practices.  From initial opening of a peat reserve through remediation, carefully planning goes into developing environmentally responsible practices.  We are working closely with local, state, and federal authorities in developing such practices to ensure were not only meeting regulatory requirements, but also to have an active part in developing Best Management Practices.

Over 15% of Minnesota’s land mass is covered by peat, and many of these reserves are 10+ feet in depth.  The accumulation of peat here in North America far exceeds current rate of harvest.  APT currently has over a 120-year supply of peat permitted under current production levels.  However, this does not mean we are not preparing for the future and thinking about sustainability.  We are actively experimenting with “producing” peat.  Peat is a renewable resource, but there is much speculation as to how quickly peat accumulates, and we here at APT intend to find out.  By controlling water levels and plant growth in remediated sites, we are going to determine how much peat accumulates in ideal conditions.  The better we understand peat, the better our sustainability practices will become.