Amlon Resources Group LLC

Amlon Resources Group LLC

Today`s responsible Generator has refocused efforts on the disposition of their industrial byproducts. Although economic factors remain important, the proper and sound environmental handling of byproducts has become the driving force behind a Generator's selection of a Reclamation Partner. Amlon satisfies all criteria. Amlon offers solutions. Our Group has been in existence over 30 years. Headquartered in New York, Amlon maintains other offices and/or agents in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Central Africa, China, Dubai, South Africa, Trinidad, Arkansas USA, Kentucky USA, New Jersey USA, Maryland USA, and Pennsylvania USA. ARG engages in spent catalyst and environmental management, mining, metals, chemicals, processing, production, trading and raw material supply. All materials managed, whether a metal-bearing spent catalyst, scrap, residue or concentrate, are utilized as raw materials for the production of primary products.

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Metal Recycling
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

TURNAROUND: From the start, Amlon is prepared to assist refining customers with valuable support in spent catalyst removal, having expertise in reactor unloading techniques, detailed sampling strategies, certified laboratory assays, secure and safe packaging, and best practices for ensuring maximum value is obtained from your spent catalyst assets.

TRANSPORTATION: Managing logistics and transportation are a cornerstone of Amlon’s full-spectrum of recovery services.  We expertly manage flow bins, drums, Cougar and all FBC’s, supersacks, roll-offs, and custom containers via transit by truck, ocean container, charter vessels, and rail around the globe. 

ENVIRONMENTAL: Amlon provides comprehensive environmental assistance, from waste profile to the Certificate of Consumption, we know how.

REMEDIATION: Spent hydrotreating and many processing catalysts are classified as hazardous waste streams, presenting refiners with a multitude of risks, expenses, and issues.  Amlon has answered these concerns by expertly coordinating the efforts of several reviewed facilities who offer environmentally-accepted remediation treatment.  Hazardous spent catalysts are economically and efficiently treated through a patent-protected oil-desorption process, thereby altering classification from hazardous waste to being a raw material feedstock for use in Ferro Alloy production. Treated materials are shipped as non-hazardous product, alleviating refiners from significant risk and expense.  Products are utilized in flexible, economic metallurgical applications at the most advantageous global production sites, creating an ideal recycle utilization and path.

EXPERIENCE: Amlon specializes in Ni, Co, and Mo found in most hydrotreating catalyst.  We offer over 30 years experience in recovering W, Cu, Cr, Fe, Pd, Pt, Re, V, Zn, Ru, among many other catalyst types.  For all your spent catalyst challenges, Amlon can find an answer.

RECLAMATION:  Amlon offers complete environmental audit packages for each of our recovery facilities, and welcomes environmental audits otherwise. 

REFERENCES: ExxonMobil, Valero, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Tesoro, DuPont, Dow Chemical, ChevronPhillips, BASF, WRGrace, and Methanex are among the myriad of worldwide petrochemical and chemical companies who utilize Amlon Resources for their recovery solutions.