Ammonit Measurement GmbH

Ammonit Measurement GmbH

Ammonit offers high quality measurement equipment for wind and solar resource assessment, wind and solar power plant monitoring (SCADA), power curve measurement, soiling measurement of solar modules and climate research. As a wind energy pioneer, Ammonit has been playing a leading role in the global wind measurement sector since 1989. Our sophisticated data loggers, accurate meteorological sensors, SoDAR and LiDAR devices as well as reliable communication and power supply systems are applied by consultants, power plant operators and research institutes in over 100 countries. In order to monitor measurement campaigns, met mast operators and users of LiDAR and SoDAR devices rely on our efficient online platform AmmonitOR. With 25 years of expertise in the international wind industry, we offer top level measurement systems as well as standard ready to use measurement systems, suitable even for extreme weather conditions and remote areas.

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Wrangelstrasse, 100 , Berlin , D-10997 Germany
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Energy Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Ammonit Meteo-40 Data Logger

Meteo-40 is the heart of your measurement system. The data logger ensures accurate measurements to the high standards required by professional consultants, operators and climate research institutes.

The Meteo-40 series is designed for wind and solar resource assessment as well as for monitoring wind farms and solar power plants. Additionally, Meteo-40 can be implemented in traffic and agricultural meteorology. Meteo-40 data loggers are suitable for all climates and remote regions thanks to well-designed technology and low power consumption.

Please refer to our Meteo-40 product brochure for further details or contact our engineers.

AmmonitOR (Ammonit Online Report) simplifies data archiving and monitoring. In AmmonitOR you can reliably and securely manage your measurement campaigns. You can conveniently verify the quality of measurement data using plots, e.g., xy plots, wind speed curves, wind roses, or overlay graphs. By viewing the data calendar, you efficiently detect problems with your measurement system. Check measurement data for plausibility with customisable filters, e.g., to detect ice-effects. Stay informed about any technical problems with your measurement system using messages sent from AmmonitOR, e.g., low power supply.

Automatically generated PDF reports that summarise project and measurement data for a determined period. Measurement data can be exported easily for more detailed analysis in special software programs. Additionally, you can monitor the communication behaviour of Meteo-40 data loggers.

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Prior to setting up a wind farm, the local wind conditions have to be measured for site assessment. The construction of a profitable wind farm demand the most accurate and reliable wind measurement technology. The installed equipment has to perform as precisely as possible as the data quality is essential for designing a reliable and economical wind farm. A small discrepancy in the evaluation of wind speed data drastically multiplies the discrepancy of the calculated wind power.

Wind resource assessment systems offered by Ammonit meet the highest standards of quality and are designed for the local site conditions with regard to sensor performance, communication system and power supply.

Please refer to our Wind Resource Assessment brochure for further details about our systems.

In order to assure well-founded decisions in designing profitable solar power plants, the solar irradiance should be measured in the assessment phase. Irradiation is a crucial parameter for site selection and plant design and economics of plant. There are many different ways and technologies to measure the irradiance phenomena that influences the power generation of a future solar power plant. Ammonit’s solutions are designed to meet the latest standards with regard to accuracy and affordability of the measurement.

Refer to our Solar Resource Assessment brochure for further details about our measurement systems.

For wind resource assessment campaigns in regions with long and cold winters, special measurement systems have to be designed. The challenges of cold climate regions should never be underestimated. Particularly icing is a problem. The met mast construction and the installed sensors have to be chosen carefully. The instruments have to be properly heated by a reliable power system.

With our long-term experience in wind measurement and our local installation partners we can offer complete measurement systems robust enough for harsh and cold climates. Ammonit offers standard heating systems as well as individual heating solutions, which combine several power sources suitable for the site.

Please contact our engineers for further details about our measurement sytems.

Once the wind farm is set up and running, its best performance has to be ensured. To do so, it is essential to monitor and check its operation. Meteo-40 can easily be integrated in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems to provide reliable comparative meteorological data. Considering the measurement data recorded by Meteo-40, for example, predictions about the annual energy production of the wind farm can be verified. Meteo-40 records measurement data, which is used by wind farm operators and investors, as well as for forecasting reasons.

With its configurable Modbus Register Map Meteo-40 is designed for operation in most existing SCADA systems. The necessary parameters are configured via the user-friendly Meteo-40 web interface.

Please contact our engineers for further details.

AQ510 windfinder - SoDAR Remote Sensing

Remote sensing instruments have become more and more popular in the wind industry. With the AQ510 windfinder offer the latest SoDAR technology validated against an IEC 61400-12-1 compliant met mast in simple terrain. It has successfully past Milestone 1 and is considered to be in Stage 2* according to GL Garrad Hassan.

As a supplement to a met mast, AQ510 windfinder is designed to measure the complete wind profile at hub height - up to 200 m above the ground. Our efficient SoDAR system measures wind speed, wind direction and turbulences at every 5 meters between 40 and 200 meters - in all climates. AQ510 windfinder supports you in finding the right place to build a profitable wind farm. You can easily deploy the mobile self-sufficient system to evaluate the wind conditions at your selected site. Move the system to various sites, switch it on and collect instant wind data.

ZephIR 300 LiDAR

According to DNV GL, ZephIR 300 is accepted for use in bankable wind speed and energy assessments in simple terrain.

ZephIR CareTM: 3 years warranty with complete suppport as well as 3-year service interval for unbroken wind measurement campaigns of up to 3 years.

High data availability in all heights due to Continuous Wave Technology.