Ampacimon s.a.

Ampacimon s.a.

Ampacimon develops innovative « Dynamic Line Rating » (DLR) systems for transmission/distribution systems operators Dynamic Line Rating is a new technology belonging to the « smart grid » world of innovations to actively manage electricity grids. It is made of stand-alone sensors installed on high-voltage lines, coupled to software interfacing with dispatching centers SCADAs.The system consists of sensors installed on high-voltage lines that measure key parameters influencing the maximum thermal capacity of a line (vibrations, temperature, sag, wind speed). It measures the so-called « ampacity » of a line, i.e its true, real-time maximum capacity (which is usually significantly higher than its design capacity). This system also allows to reliably forecast this capacity up to two days in advance.

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Liège Science Park Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais, 3 , Angleur-Liège , Région wallonne B4031 Belgium

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Energy - Energy Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)


Become the undisputed leader in accurate real time management of electrical overhead lines, enabling the SmartGrid (r)evolution.


Deploy and support the most accurate and reliable real-time monitoring systems, through partnerships with the leading incumbent equipment suppliers to serve the specific needs of our TSO customers worldwide.

The story started in 2003, within the University of Liège in Belgium where the teams of Professor Jean-Louis Lilien (Dept. of Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy) and Professor Jacques Destiné (Dept. of Microsystems) decided to collaborate on a research focused on overhead line monitoring.

After several years of research, the merged team reached very interesting results and was granted in 2006 a patent for its revolutionary Dynamic Line Rating solution. Patent got filed under the number WO 2007/031435.

Ampacimon set has been designed and developed with material carefully chosen to be able to work in a harsh environment. An extensive batch of tests were therefore carried out in laboratories and on field to ensure that the product met requirements in the following areas: short circuit, corona effect, lightning, vibration, traction and EMC.

After these tests, a broad program of pilot operations was implemented in 2008 in collaboration with ELIA and RTE.

Having succeeded the first trials, a spin-off was created in 2010 under the name Ampacimon with the goal to fully release the system for production. The company installed its headquarters in the Liege Sciences Park, along with famous other high-tech companies.

Nowadays, Ampacimon s.a. employs 10 people and has more than 35 monitoring sets installed in 5 countries worldwide.
The activity is expected to grow quickly as Dynamic Line Rating becomes a standard technology worldwide.