Accessing any offshore structure can be problematic due to the movement of a vessel compared to the structure. Ampelmann has developed the solution for this challenge. Similar to a flight simulator, the Ampelmann eliminates any relative motion by taking instant measurements of the ship’s motions and then compensates them by using 6 hydraulic cylinders. The result: the top of the Ampelmann remains completely stationary compared to the structure. The offshore gangway can then be extended towards the structure so all personnel can walk to work offshore safely, even in high wave conditions.

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Kluyverweg 1 , Delft , Zuid-Holland Netherlands

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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Globally (various continents)

Vision : Making offshore access as easy as crossing the street.

Mission : Setting new standards in safety by operating motion compensation offshore access systems and services all over the world.

History : The vision of Ampelmann is to make offshore access as easy as crossing the street. The unique Ampelmann systems with fully motion compensating gangways allow safe, efficient and reliable transfers of personnel from vessels to offshore oil & gas platforms, turbines, FPSO’s and all other fixed and floating structures at sea. Over 2 million people have already walked to work safely on more than 150 projects worldwide. Ampelmann has offices in Aberdeen, Delft, Brunei, Houston, Qatar, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore.