AmphiBio Technologies, LLC

AmphiBio Technologies, LLC

AmphiBio Technologies is a socially committed company, whose MISSION is to improve the quality of peopleĀ“s lives through the proper care of water and energy. Our objective is to produce GREAT WATER QUALITY suitable for the most demanding reuses, with very low use of energy, minimizing operation costs, in the most environmentally friendly way, and complying with government requirements for water treatment. On top of the growing demand, our existing water bodies are being polluted by domestic, industrial and agricultural waste that is not properly treated, even when recent studies show that for every SI invested in sanitation, there is a return of S5.50 in lower health costs, more productivity and fewer of the close to the million premature deaths per year worldwide caused by poor or no wastewater treatment.

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25511 Budde Rd, Suite 2802 , The Woodlands , TX 77380 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

We have extensive EXPERIENCE in our process and a very TALENTED engineering team that has developed innovative technology that is revolutionizing the market.

Our engineering department has brought to life multiple PATENTS that offer the most efficient alternative for the treatment, recovery, and reuse of wastewater.

AmphiBio Technologies together with our local partners, provide the best solutions for residential, urban, and also for the most common industrial wastewater treatment processes.

We believe we are RESPONSIBLE for preserving water for future generations; it is up to each one of us to do our part.