Anhua Taisen Recycling Technology Co. Ltd.

Anhua Taisen Recycling Technology Co. Ltd.

ANHUA TAISEN RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. was incorporated since 2014 with a full capacity of recycling plant located in Hunan Province of China to handle dispose of cell phone battery, laptop battery and electric car related battery. TAISEN own an established R&D sales and production as a clean energy solutions provider, with the current size of 100 acres industrial park.

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Hazardous Waste
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

The company produce lithium rechargeable batteries, recycle waste lithium-ion batteries and produce Lithium-ion batteries materials such as :

  • Industrial Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE)
  • Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE)
  • Nickel Sulfate Powder
  • Cobalt Sulfate Powder
  • 3-1 Compound Co, Ni, Mn powder


  • *To build a 'clean energy solution ecosystem.'
  • *To develop Vietnam Market as our Dispose battery hub recycling plant center.
  • *To attract and process dispose batteries from Europe, Poland, Japan, Korea and other nearby countries.

Promote the reuse of waste to environmental protection as the core value through advanced technology and full utilization of waste, while providing an improvement of the human environment and sustainability to the world.
Through several years of rapid development, TAISEN has formed a concept 'from the dispose battery, to life battery via recycling and reprocess mode, specializing in digital lithium battery, power lithium battery recycling, and gradient energy use. We believe the global demand and rapid growth of world populations created more dispose of battery in our daily life those used batteries should be properly recycled or reused instead of being disposed at landfills since we have the abilities to reprocess it.
In 2017 China will have a number of GWh power used battery, but according to the Chinese Automotive Technology Research Center statistics. In China, the lithium battery recovery rate is less than 2%. In the globe, most of the countries neglected to reprocess and reuse waste battery especially cell phone and laptop batteries. Since the market has widely accepted electronic Vehicle (EV), there were too many used EV batteries ready for refining and reuse because after a certain number of recharges they have to be automatically sent to final disposal and refinery of the metals. Furthermore, 3rd world countries are facing trouble to handle waste battery since they do not have advanced technology to process these materials.
The company has a battery dismantling, sorting, crushing, separation production lines and with the annual capacity disposal of waste lithium batteries up to 2,000 tons. Plus a lithium iron phosphate waste recycling lithium carbonate production line, with the yearly processing capacity over 5,000 tons. We have more than four years experience in reprocessing of scrap battery plus six years at the very beginning involved in trading e-waste in China. At this moment, we have over 150 full-time workers under a schedule which include morning and night shift under six related departments.
The second phase we will cover an area of 100 acres, phase 2 plant with the additional annual process capacity dispose of waste lithium batteries up to 3,000 tons, to boost our annual output value of 300 million RMB. The local government granted us 120 acre land on last August 2017 together with some subsidiaries support to expand our company operation to be constructed by the end of 2017.
Recently we own the new processing equipment and technology from South Korea, and we intend to do technology transfer into Vietnam and some other countries after we have done our proper market research for strategies placement and development regarding this industry. This equipment mainly creates the advantage of less wastage and reduce waste water during the processing. We aspect to look for 50-acre lands to set up complete facilities including warehouses, stockpile, dismantle store and crunching area which the total investment involve about 80 million RMB which divided into three stages estimated to be complete in 3 year time.
We are going to make Vietnam as our Hub for a global station to cover on dispose cell phone battery and laptop batteries from 3rd capital country together with Electronic vehicle battery from Europe, Poland, Japan, Korea and also other related countries since they are the dominant countries considered as top EV battery maker in the globe. We truly understand there are few battery makers in Vietnam which may be our next local strategic partners. Moreover, we believe via this establishment of a new hub could create more than 100 million RMB revenue yearly after the year 2020.
Strategic Partners
As a Malaysian CEO and shareholder of this company to lead the whole investment mission is proud to have this opportunity to working together with Malaysia Embassy to assist us on this project set up in Vietnam and new refineries.
Five Utility Model Patent Certificates

  • Crude lithium carbonate extraction device patent.
  • A crude grade lithium carbonate and crude lithium carbonate mortar pump patent.
  • Lithium carbonate production drying device patent.
  • Crude lithium carbonate pressure filter device patent.
  • Separation reaction kettle device for battery positive electrode slice recovery patent.

Cobalt Sulfate

Taisen is a reputed international non-ferrous metal and scrap metals trader and recycling technology company (crushed waste Lithium-ion batteries). Our in-put and out-put products are Lithium Carbonate Battery grades, Cobalt Sulfate and Nickel Sulfate. The grades are adjustable, and we negotiable based on global prices.

We buy and sell scrap batteries of 3 types: Lithium Cobalt Oxide (Li-Co) used in cellphones, laptop and electronic cameras; Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (Li-NMC) also known as Lithium-ion manganese Cobalt Oxide LiNiMnCoO2 used in Power tools and power trains for vehicles and electric vehicles; and we trade Lithium Titanate Oxide (Li-TO) Li4TiSO12 used in Electric buses, military, storing wind, solar energy and smart grids. We are long-term buyers and suppliers offering fixed and advantageous prices to our clients and suppliers protecting your finances from the market instabilities.