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Anordica AB

Anordica AB is a modern trading company run by qualified, experienced metallurgists who are sensitive to the market`s needs. We can assure customers timely, cost-effective supply of a comprehensive range of high-quality wire and wire products. Founded in 1996, we have developed close working relationships with customers throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe. This cooperation gives us a deep understanding of the industries, markets and cultures we serve, as well as a willingness to collaborate in the development of products optimised to your needs, today and in the future. Anordica is the official distributor for Severstal-metiz in Scandinavia, Finland and Poland.

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Isbergsgatan 7 , Malmö , Scania 21119 Sweden
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)

In addition to our superb product range, we know that quality, reliable logistics and well-balanced finances are critical selection criteria for customers in search of a long-term business partner. Anordica AB's own logistics department supervises every link in the transport chain from supplier to customer, door to door. We have built our business to ensure you high quality and favourable payment terms.

In June 2008, Anordica AB was awarded an AAA credit rating by Soliditet, the credit- & business information company.

Our existing customers can vouch for the profitable business we create for them. We look forward to providing the same service to you.

Anordica is the official distributor for Severstal-metiz in Scandinavia, Finland and Poland.

We’re committed to a cleaner world
In its policy concerning the environment, Anordica is like a finely-meshed filter. To ensure that our customers only receive products that meet or exceed the highest requirements necessary to ensure sustainability, we place even more stringent demands on our suppliers – not only in terms of production, but also of waste treatment and environmental impact.

The products we import are destined for further processing and refinement, and it is important that production is environmentally correct throughout the process. Anordica’s production know-how and materials expertise provides an extra level of assurance that production will be environmentally correct, from raw material to finished product.

Our suppliers
Anordica resources the majority of its products from specialised members of the Severstal Group, which has an integrated environmental programme, outlined here:

One of the basic priorities of the Severstal Group’s ongoing development is environmental protection and improvement. Unified principles in environment-friendly management and functioning were created for each company within the Group. Those principles make up the Corporate Environmental Policy. Actions protecting the environment are the part of the Corporate Standard. The Group’s leading company, JSC Severstal, is one of Russia’s biggest steel producers, and is certified according to ISO 14001:2004. Its corporate principles of environmental management have been unified and applied for every subsidiary of the Group. Under those principles, the enterprises of each division are to certify their own systems of ecological management. The principles are as follows:

  • Continuous decrease of environmental impact
  • Continuous decrease of resources and energy unit discharge
  • Utilization of waste, accumulated before and newly-made
  • Continuous improvement of environmental management system
  • Open and constructive communication with every interested party

Environmental management in the Group includes actions in three basic directions: water protection, air protection, and waste utilization. Those directions determine the corporate Environmental Protection Programme. In 2005, the Corporate Ecological Commission was created in order to oversee and ensure compliance by all Group companies with the requirements of Corporate Environmental Policy.

One of Anordica’s foremost suppliers is Severstal-metiz. Its production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, and its products fulfil the highest European quality standards and requirements. As a leading member of the Severstal Group, it complies fully with all the requirements of the Group’s Corporate Environmental Policy, and the standards set out by the Corporate Ecological Commission.

In April 2006, Severstal-metiz joined forces with UK-based Carrington Wire, which has its own well-formulated, comprehensive environmental policy which is in full compliance with Group policy.