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  • Research Collaboration Services

    Research Collaboration Services

    As researchers ourselves we are always happy to discuss potential collaborations. Working with other disciplines often produces challenges to our own. If we believe your project may have potential for joint publications or demand methodological innovation publishable in our own fields then we will be happy to consider more open ended collaborations and contribute to funding bids.

  • Research Assistance Services

    Research Assistance Services

    While you may have a very clear idea of what spatial analyses you wish to include in your research project, it may also be that you recognise the general potential of the field but are looking for someone with research experience to help you explore the spatial dimension to your data or indeed investigate what spatial data resources are available.

  • Scientific Analysis Services

    Scientific Analysis Services

    Geographic information is increasingly recognised as an important part of everyday life, from mobile social ‘apps’ helping individuals connect, to logistics helping businesses connect. Thanks to GPS location is now an accessible and valued variable.

  • Software Development Services

    Software Development Services

    Let computers do what computers are good at so people can get on with doing what people are good at” (Stan Openshaw). Generally speaking, most people are not great at doing complicated mathematical calculations in their head, nor interested in repeating the same processes over and over .