ANSEROS Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH

ANSEROS Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH

ANSEROS is a developer and manufacturer of components and systems in ozone technology. Our corporate structure comprises research, development, manufacturing, sales, commissioning and servicing. Since 1989, the Anseros headquarters are located in a development and manufacturing building of the size of 2500m2 in Tubingen-Hirschau, 25 km south of Stuttgart, Germany. With our international network of agents, we support more than 1000 customers in 40 countries worldwide. Nowadays, the export rate of sales accounts for over 70 percent.

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Dischingerweg 11 , Tübingen (Hirschau) , D-72070 Germany
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Actively participating in the development progress of ozone technologies since 1979, Anseros Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH has a dedicated and successful
research and development department consisting of highly qualified scientists and engineers. Managing the company since 1985, Prof. Klaus Nonnenmacher, a graduate chemical engineer with a broad knowledge and long-term experience in industrial and environmental sciences, has a long-standing reputation in the field of ozone technology due to his publications, lectures and talks.